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Top 10 Nutella Food Pairings To Eat Before You Die

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Top 10 Nutella Food Pairings To Eat Before You Die

Words can't describe our love for Nutella. There isn't anything in the world that tastes better than this winning combination of chocolate and hazelnut. The magical spread can be enjoyed in a variety of ways, but is mainly consumed straight out of the jar, spoon after spoon until deep heavy breathing. If that's how you've been having Nutella so far, good for you, you're definitely living life the right way. However, I'd like to invite you to take a look at other possible alternatives that can totally blow your mind. Here are top 10 Nutella food pairings that you have to eat before you die!

10. Nutella & bacon

Photo cred - Alanabread

9. Nutella & fried chicken

8. Nutella & avocado mousse

7. Nutella & fries

6. Nutella & pretzels

5. Nutella & Doritos

Photo cred - ur.spoonuniversity

4. Nutella & grilled cheese

2. Nutella donut poutine!!!

1. Nutella & wine

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