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Top 10 Places To Buy Cacti And Succulents In Montreal

Your garden will be lookin' sharp!
Top 10 Places To Buy Cacti And Succulents In Montreal

Ah yes, since I am the self-proclaimed cactus Whisperer I just HAD to write an article about the top places to buy the most adorable cacti and succulents in Montreal! Not only are these boutiques gorgeous, but they also sell cacti and succulents for relatively cheap prices. 

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All these spots on the list sell diverse and unique cacti and succulents. Plus, you can always pick up a cool pot whether it be a hanging orb or a glass aquarium! I promise you that all your cactus dreams will come true.

1. V de V

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5042 St Laurent Blvd

Literally my favorite shop in Montreal is V de V! Not only because they sell the most adorable cacti and succulents, but they also have the best home decor.


2. Frank Fleuriste

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2935 Avenue Haig

For those who can't get enough of cacti and beautiful flowers then I suggest heading to Frank Fleuriste! It is absolutely stunning and they have great prices.


3. Dragon Flowers

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159 Rue Bernard E

The famous Dragon flower shop isn't only beautiful on the outside, they also sell the most adorable cacti and succulents on the inside at great prices!

4. Vertuose

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5409 St Laurent Blvd

This modern boutique sells the most fabulous cacti and succulents in adorable orbs, vases, and glass containers. Vertuose is officially my second home!


5. Jean-Talon Market

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7070 Henri Julien Ave

You definitely don't want to miss out on Jean Talon Market. Not only can you buy all your fresh groceries, but you can also pick up some TO DIE FOR cacti and succulents!



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1455 rue Sainte-Catherine Ouest

HVMANS has a lit Down Town vibe and a lowkey ambiance that makes it perfect for snapping pictures, doing homework, or grabbing a coffee on the go! I have to say that this is now one of my new favorite places in Montreal.

7. Atwater Market

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138 Atwater Ave

Ok so I know that I said this to about three places on their list already... BUT! Atwater Market is literally my fav place. It is absolutely great for a date and to pick up some lovely plants!


8. Leaves Cafe

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2051 Rue de la Montagne

This cafe is literally a dream come true. Not only do they sell vegan treats and even vegan lattes but, they have cacti EVERYWHERE! Yes, for those who do not know me I AM OBSESSED with cacti so, you could only imagine that Leaves Cafe is by far my favorite place in Montreal.


9. Kiosque Mont-Royal 

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Mont-Royal Metro

If you love being in the Plateau and being surrounded by cute little plants, then I suggest checking out Kiosque Mont-Royal! I bought about 4 cacti and succulents from there and they are all doing great.


10. IKEA

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via @ikeacanada

9191 Cavendish Blvd

I mean, if all else fails you can always do to Ikea!


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