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Top 10 Scenic Summer Montreal Jogging Locations In The City

Photo cred - Istolet Hetv

In a city like Montreal with such dazzling skylines, a killer mountain, and a great deal of waterways to run by, there is surely a route for just about everyone to enjoy. Here's a list of a few stellar running/jogging spots for a new perspective:

1. Mount-Royal

  • Head to the biggest hill in the city, the Boss of all running trails. Admire our famous lookouts and lose yourself in the many paths and staircases designed for a beautiful run. Now, if you want to test your endurance, start from the bottom and make to the top of the mountain. Though the roads are curved and the climb is steep, there's nothing better or more gratifying than the feeling of starting from the bottom and realizing... now you're here.

2. Parc de la Fontaine

  • Stop by the biggest park in the Plateau. In a central location of Montreal, between metro Sherbrooke and Mont-Royal, this relaxed park covers mostly flat terrain and makes for an easy and quiet 2-3 km run. It comes fully furnished with a river, fountains, waterfalls, soccer and baseball fields, a theater for summer shows and did I mention the Calixa-Lavallée Cultural Center?

3. Lachine Canal

  • Take a run through Montreal's history. If you haven't yet witnessed the extravaganza that is the Lachine Canal, then you are truly missing out. This strip has an authentic old town feel having been immersed between many of Montreal's old buildings and structures. It stems about14.5 km alongside the St. Lawrence River starting from the Old Port to Lake Saint-Louis (the Farmville of the West-Island). Quick tip: if you're starting from the Old Port, bring some cash to refuel with the variety of delicious grub provided at the Atwater Market.

4. Westmount Park

  • Resting at the base of one of Montreal's wealthiest areas, this park is celebrated for its beauty and its reputation. It can be said to be one of the most refined parks in Montreal in recreating that high-class central park-esque feel. However, if you're daring enough, you can ditch the park run up those steep Westmount hills to the Summit lookout for an elevated thigh-burning challenge and a glimpse at how the better half live.

5. Côte-des-Neiges Cemetery

  • Get out of your comfort zone and try something totally new and exciting. This trail definitely has that supernatural wow factor to it. And not to mention the burial ground is pretty large which gives you a lot of flat ground to work with.

6. Gouin Boulevard

  • Start from East to West. Take Gouin where it meets Rue Iberville then head into Parc Nature Ile-de-la-Visitation and run alongside Rivière des Prairies. Come out and surrender yourself to the old architecture and majestic houses created on the waterfront.

7. Centennial Park

  • Yes another park, but this one is prime for any West-Islander looking for a run in scenic environment surrounded by water. Like the Mount-Royal of the West, this park is busy with people and embedded with numerous forest trails. Unlike the typical flat suburban park, it has two lookouts, hills, a river and plenty of geese! Need I say more?

8. TMR - Town of Mount-Royal

  • Create your own route as you run through the residential side streets between Boul. Graham and Boul. Laird. Gawk at the many exquisite homes and the simple yet lavish community/neighbourhood that is just so...Montreal. Then head to Connaught Park, the circle in the exact center of Montreal that hosts the Mount-Royal Country club, six tennis courts, a place for lawn-bowling (OU) and croquet. How snazzy. It would surely make for an entertaining run.

9. The Old Port

  • Practice powering through those cobblestone roads. Weak ankles aside, this is the perfect scenic route which brings out the charming European side of Montreal. Explore the entirety of the Old Port, perhaps start from Griffintown/ Square Victoria and make your way down to the historic St. Paul Street. and the waterfront of the St. Lawrence.

 10. St. Catherine

  • Leave your books and go for a run right by school. Please don't say you haven't seen anyone do it. Start from Guy Concordia or McGill University and make your way to Place des Arts. Create you own route and alternate between the hustle and bustle of St. Caths and Sherbrooke. Take that well deserved break and go for that run. You don't have to go fast, you just have to go. Just Do It.

So where will you be running?

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