Story time, friends: A few years ago, I used to work in the beautiful borough of NDG. During my time there, I learned one very key thing about Notre-Dame-De-Grace... it is awesome.

And, of course, it's got a lot of awesome places to eat at. Some of them are very well known - both by people who call the Deeg home, and those who don't. Others, though? Well, they remain very well-kept secrets. Until now.

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1. Bistro Amerigo

6127 Monkland Avenue

At this stage in the game, I'm pretty sure everyone is well aware of just how much I love Italian food. Although this is hands down my fave cuisine, it's always much better when it's authentic.

At NDG's Bistro Amerigo, authentic Italian is exactly what you'll find. No doubt NDG doesn't automatically pop into your head whenever that Italian food crave hits, but trust me, this spot will totally change your mind on that.

Using fresh and high-quality ingredients to make classic - yet delicious - Italian dishes, such as arancini, squid ink pasta, and pesto gnocchi, Bistro Amerigo should totally be next on your list of spots to discover in NDG.


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2. Anancy

6587 Avenue Somerled

Where my Caribbean food lovers at? Everywhere? Great! You'll be hard-pressed to find Caribbean food in NDG that's as delicious as what they serve up at Anancy.

Although their jerk chicken is the clear star of the show - tender, smoky, sweet, and spicy, the jerk chicken here is literally everything that mind-blowing jerk should be - Anancy's other dishes are equally amazing. Their chicken roti, for example? OMG. Juicy, perfectly cooked chunks of chicken stuffed into a yummy roti stuffed with fresh and delicious fillings... honestly, it's the best.


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3. Che Churro

6543 Avenue Somerled

Alright, truth time: Authentic, fresh, straight-up good churros are a little bit hard to find in Montreal. Unless you're in the know about Che Churro, that is.

The menu here is super straightforward; they specialize in authentic churros, and they've got both the plain variety (which are thick and fluffy, crispy on the outside and perfectly doughy and sweet on the inside) and ones that are stuffed with creamy, tasty dulce de leche.

Pair it with their perfectly sweetened, thick hot chocolate for a super tasty treat. Oh, and no worries if you're feeling something a little less sweet. Che Churro also serves up some seriously fresh, game-changing empanadas.


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4. Jardin Iwaki

5887 Rue Sherbrooke O

If you truly love Japanese food, then you're going to truly love Jardin Iwaki. The thing about this NDG spot, though, is that it's a legit experience.

For a fixed price, you're served dish after dish of fresh and authentic Japanese fare - like sushi, grilled salmon, and seared tuna. The plates are gorgeous, and honestly, it's super evident that everything is made with 100% love and passion.

The space itself is cozy, but a little tiny. So in order to make sure you get in on this Japanese food adventure, you should call and reserve in advance.


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5. Azar

5899 Rue Sherbrooke O

I honestly don't even know where to start with this NDG Lebanese restaurant. Boasting an intimate, friendly, and casual vibe, Azar is legit the perfect spot for a cute dinner, a get-together, or... well, anything, really.

But, as awesome as their vibe is, Azar's food is infinitely better. Always fresh, and consistently flavourful, you can totally tell that the food here is made with passion and tons of love - meaning that you're getting the tastiest and freshest Lebanese food you can possibly get your hands on.


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6. Cafe de'Mercanti

6128 Av de Monkland

Searching for a place to grab an authentic, tasty pastry and coffee? Well, stop the search. NDG's Cafe de'Mercanti is here to save the day.

This trendy, adorable cafe is seriously a haven for coffee lovers, and although all of their beverages are on point, their cappuccinos are always perfectly creamy, froth, and flavourful, making for one extraordinary caffeine experience.

NDG's Cafe de'Mercanti doesn't just serve up a mind-blowing cup of coffee, though. They've got pastries that'll change your life, too; and although they're all perfectly sweet, flaky, and crisp, there's nothing quite like their melt-in-your mouth cannoli (which, btw, you've totally got to dip into your espresso for a seriously mouthwatering treat).


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7. Tacos Tijuana

5889 Rue Sherbrooke O

Okay, taco fans, this one's for you. When you think "awesome tacos", do you immediately think "NDG?" No? Well, thanks to Tacos Tijuana, that's exactly what you should be thinking.

The tacos here are made fresh and are beyond delicious. Seriously, friends. Picture a deliciously chewy tortilla, filled to the absolute brim with tender meat and crisp, vibrant veggies. Not only that, but the portions here are nothing short of impressive. Wrap this up with their super fair prices, and you've got a taco joint that just won't quit.

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8. Pizzeria Melrose

5779 Rue Sherbrooke O

A fairly new addition to NDG's food scene, Pizzeria Melrose will quickly become your new fave spot to grab a tasty and authentic pizza.

Honestly, there's something about the crust here that's just super magical. It manages to maintain its doughiness despite being crispy, thin, and light - and, when combined with their deliciously fresh pizza toppings (like mint, almonds, lemon zest, and eggplants), that makes for a pizza that's nothing short of artwork, friends.

So the next time you're in the mood for a fresh and tasty piece of pizza? Yeah. You know where you're going.


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9. Yakimono Sushi Bar

4210 Boulevard Décarie

If you have yet to try the kosher sushi at Yakimono, I don't even know what to tell you - except that you need to get yourself here, ASAP.

Their sushi is made with the highest quality of ingredients, which makes for an incredibly fresh and tasty sushi experience; and although all of the sushi here is pretty much a huge game-changer, it's their specialty rolls that'll turn you into the actual heart eyes emoji.

With a menu featuring vibrant and unique rolls - such as their Harukami, with fried shrimp, ginger, and fried onions, or their red sole, with sole fish, red pepper, and shredded crab stick - that will basically have you crying real, unashamed tears of pure joy. Sounds awesome? You know it.


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10. Express Indien

6579 Somerled Ave

Looking for a brand new place to nosh on all your fave Indian dishes? Excellent, because NDG's Express Indien's got your back.

Not only does this spot feature classic Indian dishes, such as chicken pakora, butter chicken, and masala shrimp, but the flavours here are so vibrant and tasty that you just might lose control and order everything on the menu. Seriously. It's that good.


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