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Top 10 Secret Spots To Eat At In Montreal's Verdun

Secrets of the Sud-Ouest.

True talk, Verdun is one seriously awesome borough. It's got amazing events constantly going down, fantastic places to go on a date - and, hey, it's even got its own hashtag (#verdunluv forever).

Of course, Verdun is also blessed with an abundance of places to grab a bite. While some of these spots are generally well-known, there are still a few that remain tucked away.

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1. Cafe Frejus

5810 Rue de Verdun

Friends, have you ever brunched on something so delicious that real, foodie tears spring to your eyes?

If you answered no to that question, then there's a very high chance that you've straight-up never been to Cafe Frejus, located in Verdun. Which is a real tragedy, actually, because if you've never been to Cafe Frejus, then you've never tried one of their incredibly fresh and yummy dishes. Protip: For a fresh, sweet, and tasty treal try their crepes. All the yums.


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2. Ma Douce Moitie

4559 Rue Wellington

If you've overlooked this seriously delicious Verdun spot, then you've been missing out - big time.

I've been a huge fan of the food at Ma Douce Moitie forever. Every single thing on their menu is made with incredibly fresh and high-quality ingredients, and their dishes are constantly cooked to perfection. My personal favourite part about this spot, though?

The innovative way that they combine delicious savoury and sweet ingredients into one awesome dish, meaning that no matter what, you're getting something unique, tasty... and you won't ever have to choose between sweet and salty. Win-win situations all around, friends.


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3. Bistro Entre Ciel Et Terre

750 Rue de l'Église

Honestly, when it comes to this spot-on Verdun eatery, I don't even know where to begin.

Entre Ciel Et Terre boasts a casual-yet-trendy vibe and a warm, welcoming atmosphere, which makes it the perfect spot to enjoy a bite to eat with friends or family (or even by yourself, because you don't need anyone with you to enjoy some awesome food, TBH).

And, trust, their food is awesome. Not only do they offer amazingly fresh and tasty breakfast, brunch, and dinner options, meaning you can get your hands on their scrumptious dishes at any point during the day, but the prices are super, super fair. So, friends, indulge.


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4. Chez Jacquie & France

4609 Av Bannantyne

Straight-up, the breakfasts at this charming Verdun spot are what actual dreams are made of. I am not even exaggerating.

All of their dishes are so scrumptious that you might want to order twice and take one to go, just so you can experience the food here again later on (or finish it on your way home because it's too amazing to resist; no judgement!). This might have a little something to do with their fresh and expertly cooked ingredients - but if you need a little help deciding on what to order, try the eggs Benedict. Creamy, tasty, and all-around awesome, this dish is a a serious breakfast win.

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5. L'In-Time

4619 Rue Wellington

Ah, there's better than a bring your own wine restaurant. Actually, scratch that. The only thing better than a BYOB restaurant is an amazing BYOB restaurant.

Which just so happens to be Verdun's L'In-Time. This Italian eatery not only lets you bring a bottle of your fave, but they serve up some incredible dishes to boot - and their homemade, fresh pasta? It will absolutely change your life, friends. No joke.

Pair this with their super warm, intimate vibe, and you've got the perfect spot for your next date, gathering, or... well, pretty much anything. Awesome? You know it.


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6. Chez Boss & Fils

3610 Rue Wellington

Arguably, Chez Boss & Fils is a little more well-known than some of the other entries on this list. But this spot is so delicious that I don't want to chance it. Everyone should know about this place, guys.

First of all, the food here is seriously to die for. Their menu is full of dishes made using fresh ingredients that are super, super high quality - which, or course, translates into meals that will literally change your dining life (I mean, a dish of smoked scallops and shrimp fritters? Yes, please, now).

Wrap that all together with their incredibly fair prices and warm, friendly, trendy atmosphere, and I'd venture to say that you've found your next favourite restaurant. Rejoice, and get yourselves there ASAP.


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7. Garage Cafe

275 Rue Hickson

If burgers are your whole, entire life, then Garage Cafe is 100% going to become your new bae.

But, while the burgers here are incredibly thick, juicy, and amazing, it would be a but of a disservice to say that they're the star of the show. Because, truthfully, everything at Garage Cafe is so awesome that it's super hard to pick just one standout.

All I can say, though? Get yourselves there, pronto, and pick out your own favourite dish (or two... or three).


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8. Casse Croute Normand

4826 Rue de Verdun

Lovers of poutine, this one's for you. (So, this one's for everyone, pretty much).

Much like its name suggests, Verdun's Casse Croute Normand specializes in comfort food - which, let's be honest, is pretty much the best type of food. And although there are tons of great places to get a steamie and poutine in Montreal, none of them are quite like Casse Croute Normand.

I don't know what it is about this cozy Verdun spot, but their food has a certain oomph to it that can't be emulated anywhere else in the city. If you're looking for a real treat, try their poutine. Their fries are out of this world, and when combined with that classic poutine sauce and their fresh, tasty cheese? Pure magic happens, friends. Pure magic.


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9. Bistro Piquillo

3900 Rue Ethel

Alright, who here has tried Spanish cuisine? Actually, let me rephrase that: Who here has tried the mind-blowing Spanish cuisine at Verdun's Bistro Piquillo?

If your hand didn't just shoot up in the air, then you've been missing out - big time. All of the dishes at this Verdun eatery are made fresh, tasty, and from the highest calibre of ingredients; which pretty much means that no matter what you try, you're in for the culinary time of your life.

But if I can offer a tip? Definitely try out their Paella Valenciana. With perfectly seasoned rice jammed with mussels, squid, shrimp, chicken, and more, this paella dish just might have you crying actual tears of joy.


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10. Chez Anas

552 Rue de l'Église

Chez Anas is one seriously awesome Verdun spot.

Not only does this eatery boast an amazing array of scrumptious dishes -like their seriously flavourful and tender flank steak, or their out of this world bison medallion dish (smothered in possibly the most delicious blue cheese sauce you've ever tried), but Chez Anas also happens to have one beyond gorgeous rooftop terrasse.

I don't know about you guys, but good food plus a legit amazing roof terrasse? Yeah. That sounds like an awesome time to me.


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