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Top 10 Spots In Montreal You Must Try If You Are A Breakfast Addict

Hello, my name is Emily and I am addicted to breakfast.
Top 10 Spots In Montreal You Must Try If You Are A Breakfast Addict

I have a confession to make... As you all know, I adore writing breakfast articles, but there's a dark secret that lies behind this... And it is that I, Emily, am addicted to Montreal breakfast spots. But, I am not alone! I am 514% certain that there are other Montrealers out there who are also breakfast addicts.

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So, to appeal to those people who are just crazy about going out for breakfast at least once a week, I have compossed this amazing list of all the spots a true breakfast addict must go to in Montreal! From eggs benedict to chicken waffles, there is definetly something everyone can get addicted to on this list.

1. You Will Get Addicted To Beauty’s Luncheonette

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93 Avenue du Mont-Royal O

For that classic Montreal breakfast dish that you wake up craving on a Sunday morning, this is the place for you. They have had over 50 years of practice so you can expect a master classic breakfast dish when coming here! You can get your bagel game on and enjoy a cool winter morning.


3. You Will Get Addicted To Fabergé

Here's a closer look of this morning's BOMB breakfast 👀💥🔥👅💦 @faberge514

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25 Avenue Fairmount O

This amazing little breakfast place located in the Mile End is your number one cure anyone lacking a good start to any day. Not only is their food delicious, but it's refreshing and perfect to get rid of any negativity. Trust me, this is the place you want to go when you have a crazy day ahead!


4. You Will Get Addicted To Le Passé Composé

Delicious family #brunch Oeuf POCHÉ CHAMPÊTRE, #oeufpoché #sundaybrunch #breakfast

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1310 Boul de Maisonneuve E

If you don’t mind waiting in line this winter, then you should check out Le Passé Composé! It is honestly the cure for anything and everything! Their food is so delicious that you are bound to forget about all your worries. It is honestly THE brunch place in Montreal.


5. You Will Get Addicted To Engaufrez-Vous

Le petit dej parfait en amoureux 💏

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8 Rue Rachel E

Well, waffles are always delicious but when you just wake up tp a cold winter morning they taste extra special. So, make your day a good one with Engaufrez-Vous! Their waffles are crunchy, warm, and darn right amazing all day everyday.


6. You Will Get Addicted To Restaurant L’Avenue

Brunch with my bestfriend 💗 @ekaterinafia thank youuu for the 🎁

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If you want to feel like you are in the retro ’90s enjoying a yummy breakfast, then I suggest coming to L’Avenue! It’s a great location to feel like you are in an old 90’s movie while enjoying 3D murals. The food is great and it’s the perfect location to laugh and catch up woth your.


7. You Will Get Addicted To Au Festin De Babette

Gratin Dauphinois at this place steals the show.

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4085 Rue Saint Denis

For a gourmet breakfast, this is the place for you! They offer smoked salmon eggs benedict that are accompanied by a salad, scalloped potatoes, soup and chocolate mousse for those who just can't get enough of breakfast food. The food is heavenly and you will be filled up pretty quicl.


8. You Will Get Addicted To Bagel ETC

Last real meal before heading off to fast food chain land #valmonteggsbenedict #bagelsetc #bagelburiedbygoodness

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4320 Boul St-Laurent

If you’re a bagel lover, then you’re going to love this place! You can get a classic bagel with lox and I swear you will become obsessed! It's all fresh and packed with smoked salmon to make your day extra special!


9. You Will Get Addicted To SuWu

Chicken & Blueberry Waffles #suwumontreal

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3581 Boul St-Laurent

SuWu is a St-Laurent staple and is a must for brunch enthusiasts. With endless mimosas, eggs, bacon, and dishes that will blow your mind, I can guarantee that you will have a delightful time!


10. You Will Get Addicted To Le Vieux Saint-Laurent

🍳😍💯 #sundaynecessities

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For a cheap but amazing classic breakfast in Montreal, check outLe Vieux St-Laurent! You can order a classic egg, bacon, and toast meal for under $10, including coffee. It doesn't get much better than this.


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