Top 10 Underrated Montreal Iconic Restaurants

Montreal is a dream come true for foodies.
Top 10 Underrated Montreal Iconic Restaurants

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Food, food, food. I love that 4 letter socially acceptable F-word! There is nothing like gathering your friends together to explore and discover the great gustatory gems of any city, and Montreal is no exception. This city is rich with historical eateries that are definitely worth taking a bite. Not every eatery “screams” Montreal, but these ones sure do.

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Chalet Bar-B-Q Rôtisserie

Its doors opened in August 1944 and the restaurant quickly grew a legendary reputation for the best charcoal BBQ chicken in the city, and possibly the best in the world! If you are craving truly awesome crispy, golden, tender and juicy chicken, then this is the place to go. It's guaranteed to be a finger licking fun time.In the ‘20s and ‘30s diners were the hip place to hangout with friends and have a nice malty milkshake and a good burger. Chez Nick was (and still is) one of those famous diners located minutes from downtown on the corner of Sherbrooke and Greene Avenue. The food is just as outstanding as the diner itself. There is something for everyone: burgers, sandwiches, pastas, poutines, and salads. The ‘Nick Specialities’  twists on original classics such as the Nick Croques are a must try.I don't think there is a single Montrealer who hasn't been here. If they haven't one must ask: are they even a true Montrealer anyway? Orange Julep is a must try and a must return often type of place. Although its open all year around these days, it is definitely a summer comfort food must-try spot. Their amazing burgers, fries, hot-dogs, or poutines all washed down with the one and only orange julep. This is bound to be one of the best dining experiences you'll have in the city.Tony and wife Irene opened Cosmo in 1967 and it has become a landmark ever since. The diner itself is small, only a dozen bar seats and a summer terrace. Its charm will win you over from your first trip. They are known for the mishmash- a four egg omelette with bacon, ham, sausage, salami, cheese, and tomato served with a side of toast and their famous hash browns. Another Cosmo classic is the Creation: a BLT with egg with cheese and salami on a bagel.Truly one of the city's best greasy spoons!If you are feeling the urge to get all dolled up for a nice cup of tea then the Ritz-Carlton should be on your final destination radar. The hotel has been serving high tea to guests and Montrealers since its inception in December 1912. The service includes all kinds of yummy, dainty, finger sandwiches as well as a wide selection of delicious teas. It is an experience that everyone should try at least once in their lives...just don't forget to stick out your pinky finger as you sip.When you think steak in Montreal your first instinct is Moishes, but honestly Gibby's is a better option. Nestled in a quaint 200-year old stone building in Old Montreal, your prayers for a great steak will be answered. They provide a variety of cuts, cooking options, and scrumptious sides for that yummy beef. My personal preference is a rare sirloin with a tasty Monte Carlo potato...delish!The Wilensky's special is a must-have here: a delectably grilled all-beef salami and bologna sandwich served with mustard which has been a top seller on the menu since their opening in 1932. When you order this sandwich, one must be aware that you NEVER ask to have it cut and it is ALWAYS served with mustard...Don't go messing with the way it has always been done. At Wilensky's you'll feel welcomed from the minute you walk in the door and you'll be asked when they'll see you next.Got a craving for succulent, melt in your mouth roast beef? If you are brave enough Magnan serves a Quebec classic: the pig knuckle platter...yes you read right... pig knuckles!  Located south of the Atwater market, this family owned business has been in operation since 1932. Aside from the restaurant, Magnan's has a butcher shop, pastry shop, and 3 full kitchens to provide quick service to its hungry patrons.Coppoli's claim to have the biggest and best burgers in Montreal, meaning only one thing:  you have to eat here. Established 22 years ago, by an Iranian family, Copoli’s is a fusion of many types of food- pizza, submarines, souvlaki, poutine, pastas, and of course their claim to fame 8” burger. Being somewhat of a burger connoisseur, I am picky when it comes to ‘patty-topping-bun’ ratio and this burger is a perfect marriage of the three, which is an essential element to creating a mind-blowing burger.  If you can make it through the entire thing you are a champ in my books!

Chez Nick

Gibeau Orange Julep


Montreal Pool Room

This is the predecessor to places like La Belle Province...and trust me it is so much better! The Pool Room serves what I consider to be the best stemies in the city, and also on the menu you'll find chicken burgers, fries, and poutines, of course since we are in Montreal after all. The restaurant even claims that legendary gangster Al Capone used to come in often to play pool, before they removed the tables to focus on the food. It's a great quick lunch spot and even better as a late night stop after a night of partying on the Saint-Laurent strip.

Ritz-Carlton Hotel

Gibby's Steakhouse

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Magnan Restaurant and Taverne

Restaurant Copoli

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