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Top 10 University Majors In Canada That Lead To The Highest Paying Jobs

Make your parents happy.
Top 10 University Majors In Canada That Lead To The Highest Paying Jobs

There's a lot of pressure on university students to pursue practical degrees.

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I majored in English literature, which I absolutely loved. But that investment won't pay off for a long time. While studies show that, by the end of my career, I may make more than my colleagues, I will make much less than my peers for a few decades.

But below are listed the ten university majors that lead to the highest salaries for graduates, according to University Magazine. Though, you should also take location into account when choosing a job. People in Montreal, for example, make much less money than people in other major Canadian cities.

10. Civil Engineering

Average salary: $80, 080

Engineering always struck me as the most difficult field in university. Students in engineering were always the ones crying on the library stairs. That hard work pays off, apparently, landing civil engineers in the top ten.

9. Nursing

Average salary: $84,510

This is a surprise but I'm glad nurses are in the top ten. Nurses work incredibly hard and perform invaluable duties. Give your nurse friends a hug.

8. Specialized engineering

Average salary: $85,009

These are engineers in fields like agriculture and medicine, according to University Magazine. The average pay for these occupations is not only high but also rapidly increasing.

7. Business administration

Average salary: $85,508

Business administrators will receive predictably high salaries.

6. Software engineering

Average salary: $90,001

Software engineering is also unsurprisingly lucrative. The tech industry is booming, particularly in Silicon Valley, Boston, and Montreal.

5. Geosciences

Average salary: $100,006

Studies in geosciences can lead to employment in environmental or energy sectors, both of which are fast-growing.

4. Pharmacology

Average salary: $102,398

Pharmacists are paid quite well. A nationwide dearth of pharmacists also explains the high salaries.

3. Finance

Average salary: $103,376

No explanation necessary.

2. Chemical engineering

Average salary: $104,000

Chemical engineers can work in any of dozens of fields, from biotechnology to energy.

1. Management sciences

Average salary: $110,000

Students who learn how to best take advantage of markets will make the most money.


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