Top 10 Weekend Getaways Only 2 Hours Away From Montreal

Get out of the city and enjoy your summer.
Top 10 Weekend Getaways Only 2 Hours Away From Montreal

With summer at our finger tips, why not plan a beautiful and adventurous weekend getaway with some of your friends! The destinations below each host their own specific activity and are only 2 hours away from Montreal. This is fun for everyone and I suggest choosing the activity you prefer rather than the location.

Each location has multiple activities so find one that suits you best! It's time to gather your friends, pack a duffel bag,  and enjoy a great weekend with some even more amazing memories. You will make summer 16 one to remember!

Go Visit The Grotto In Mulgrave-et-Derry, Quebec

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Take a drive down to the magnificent grotto in Mulgrave-et-Derry, Quebec where you can swim, scuba dive, hike, rock-climb, and zip-line. It is a scene out of a movie that is just a two hour drive away. I promise that once you show your friends this idea that they will jump on board instantly!

Go Visit Shawinigan For Ziplining

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Located on the Saint-Maurice River is Shawinigan which is best known for their superb forest zip-lining. They have amazing views and a great zip-lining course for you and your friends. They have over 100 obstacles that get progressively more intense as you zip-line through the trees. It truly is a perfect weekend getaway for those adventurous friends.

Go Visit Grenville QC For Eau Vivre Rafting

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Be able to tell your family when you get back from Grenville that you survived whitewater rafting at Eau Vivre Rafting. It is only about 70 dollars for you and a group of friends to go on a crazy adventure in the dangerous water that stretches 8 km. It is a great weekend getaway for those adrenaline junkies out there!

Go Visit Saint-Hippolyte, QC For Cliff Diving

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Located in the Laurentian mountains, Saint-Hippolyte holds great spots to go cliff diving! This truly is a perfect weekend summer getaway where you and your friends can take great videos and pictures. You wont be disappointed as you look out into the great views and then jump into them landing in the water.

Go Visit Waterville, QC For Camping

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Enjoy a weekend camping trip at Waterville with your bestest friends to make some summer 16 memories. This camping trip at camping Du Pont Couvert will assure you a good time, great drinks, campfires, and much more. It is a beautiful site to see and only 2 hours away from Montreal.

Go Visit Amherst – Quebec Or Nominingue – Quebec And Live In A Tree House

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Why not try it all and live in a tree house for a weekend in either Amherst – Quebec Or Nominingue – Quebec. It is absolutely stunning and it truly is a site to see. You and your friends will be living high for a superb weekend getaway that is easy and simple to get it. You can explore what it's like to live as a true adventurer.

Go Visit Sainte-Ursule, QC And Sit On A Waterfall

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Enjoy a weekend away at a beautiful waterfall at Chutes De Sainte Ursule. This park is absolutely stunning and it is a great place to hold a picnic. You can enjoy the weekend by exploring the waterfall and by relaxing for your closest friends. It is a perfect relaxing getaway.

Go Visit Quebec City And Go Whale Watching

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Who wouldn't want to see some beautiful whales? I know I do and I have already booked my trip to Quebec city for a day long boat ride whale watching. These majestic creatures will jump and swim their way into your hearts. This is truly a great weekend getaway where you and your friends can take fabulous pictures.

Go Visit Dorwin Falls And Go Hiking

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Dorwin Falls is home to magnificent hiking trails that end at a beautiful water fall. So get away for a weekend and hike your way to the waterfall of your dreams at Dorwin Falls. You and your friends will enjoy a wonderful hike with a relaxing view at the end.

Go Visit Lac Simon, QC For A Beach Week

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Rent a beach house on Lac Simon for a beachy weekend getaway that is perfect for summer 16. You and your friends will tan, swim, and drink all day long. It is perfect for a relaxing trip or even a party weekend. Ultimately, it depends on how you and your friends decide to make it! You can boat, surf, and even paddle board!

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