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Most of us have a big dream to go skydiving one day. Well, I wrote this to help you first timers out! Personally, I have not been skydiving since I'm scared of heights, but I was inspired to write this article in order to face my fear after my sister went skydiving.

As I began to research the best places to go skydiving, the first thought that popped into my mind was SAFETY! You obviously want to be as safe as possible when risking your life by jumping out of a plane. So, I wrote this article in the eyes of all those nervous nellies who are just like me.

I strongly suggest checking out some of these skydiving places all across Canada for those going for their first time this summer. I will just be reassuring you guys that you will be safe!

1. Skydive Toronto Inc.

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Skydive Toronto Inc. is the place to go for all the newbies including me. They are "the longest established and most experienced skydiving school in Canada" according to their website. They were founded in Ontario in 1972 and have since then completed over 260,000 successful jumps.

Their goal is to help you achieve your goal! If you want to jump once for your first time or jump for the rest of your life they are there for you! Their team is one of the most experienced in Canada as each of them have over 10,000 skydives.

For your first time, I suggest doing the Tandem Skydive! You receive the full skydiving experience, with the company of an experienced instructor connected to you. So get ready and jump your worries away!


2. Parachute Montreal Inc.

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For those who rather stay local, check out Parachute Montreal Inc.! Based on my sister's review, she said she had an amazing experience! The crew was fabulous and she said that she felt super safe. They even capture everything on camera for you and create a video slideshow at the end.

Parachute Montreal originated from Parachutisme Nouvel Air who have been running for 25 years on the south shore of Montreal. Parachutisme Nouvel Air is their sister school that supplies the advantages of two drop zones! Parachute Montreal is actually the only place in Quebec that has two drop zones!

Together they have a combined total of 25 years of experience, 50 instructors, and more than 175,000 jumps. They have two airplanes that can hold a max of 46 passengers. And to make you all feel even better, most instructors were trained with the Canadian Army and 75% of them have the highest level of certification in Canada.

To make you all feel even safer, they have the best and safest new Sigma tandem equipment! So leave your worries on the plan and get ready to jump!


3.Parachute GO Skydive

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Parachute Gatineau-Ottawa Skydive is also known as GO Skydive. They are a local company that has been jumping since 2006. Their team is fully bilingual and they are "passionate skydivers" according to their website. They are professional, positive, and are bursting out energy.

They also have new equipment that contains some of the best technology in order to assure your safety. To make you, and myself, feel a little better, I am happy to let you know that the equipment goes through daily inspections.Their goal is to be safe and of course to have the most amount of fun possible!


4. Skydive Vancouver

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Skydive Vancouver's drop zone is located at a private owned airpark that is specifically devoted to skydiving. Now, they offer a great view to see! Since they are situated in the beautiful Fraser Valley in Abbotsford. Their drop zone has been active since 1950 so it's a pretty trustworthy place to jump for your first time!

Their team has a combined total of 50,000 jumps and over 170 years of experience. They use unique turbine aircrafts that hold 25 skydivers over the beautiful park side view. And if you end up falling in love, you could always rent gear and go on your own!


5. Edmonton Skydive

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The team of Edmonton Skydive all have one thing in common, their passion for skydiving and their goal is to share that with you! They want to show everyone how beautiful the sport of skydiving is. In order to do so, they have created a safe and friendly facility.

Since they are actually a skydiving training school, you get even more information and you will feel even safer. You will have access to all information. They are prepared to help you through all your experiences. In addition, they have the fastest skydiving airplane in the country and they have hosted two of the last three Canadian National Skydiving Championships.


6. Okanagan Skydive

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7. iFLY Toronto

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An alternative or even a great first step to go skydiving is the iFLY organization located in Toronto. The facility is a skydiving simulator that makes you feel like you are ACTUALLY skydiving! So if you want to practice facing your fear this is the place to start!


8. Skydive SWOOP

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SWOOP has been running since 1979. They have a great skydiving environment that meets all standards. They have a spectacular view of Hamilton and the Harbour, Lake Ontario, the Toronto Skyline, the CN Tower on a clear day, KW and Guelph, and even Pennsylvania across Lake Erie!

They may be small but they have a great sense of community with over 3,000 skydives annually. They are actually the oldest member-run skydiving clubs in North America. They may be old but they update their equipment each year for great safety and comfort. Their staff has more than 20,000 skydives so trust them!


9. Parachutisme Atmosphair

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Parachutisme Atmosphair has been specialized in skydiving since 1993. They have great views and their team is very skilled. They have a large team that accepts jumpers of all differences! Their motto is no matter what the age you are able to jump! They offer great safety and an amazing experience.


10. Skydive Vancouver Island

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Skydive Vancouver Island is Canada's newest drop zone . All their staff members are highly trained through the Canadian Sport Parachuting Association (CSPA). In other words, they are all certified experts. Their goal is to assure you a great experience. The staff members are even personalized to your group!

The staff will train you how to jump and land safely. Their location makes it all worth wild! They are located near the town of Qualicum Beach which has spectacular views of the Ocean, Sunshine Coast and Vancouver Island. So enjoy the view as you fall from the sky in the safest way possible.


11. Skydive South Sask

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Come and jump out of a plane with Skydive South Sask! They have a great team of many staff members who all offer safety, but also unique factors to each customer's experience.

You and your instructor will freefall for 20 seconds at an altitude of 7,500 feet. Before hand, you will go over safety instructions with you instructor for almost an hour so don't worry, you will be prepared! So, either be like me and choose one of these to face your fear or, just do it for fun with some daredevil friends of yours!


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