Top 12 Cheap Places You Can Get A Facial In Montreal

Spend time and barely any money on you.
Top 12 Cheap Places You Can Get A Facial In Montreal

We all know how it is with sun damage, lack of sleep, stress, and not eating right. Our face begins to look tired, worn out, and wrinkles even appear. Well, I have a simple cheap solution for you! Montreal has some great salons that give cheap and absolutely great facials.

It's always nice to look your best and to have healthy skin so I recommend checking out some of these great facial salons. You will feel rejuvenated and your skin will look more lively. And trust me, once you start you won't want to stop!

So forget about spending almost 100$ on a facial that another salon can give to you for under 50$! It's time to spend some time on yourself and take care of your skin. Most salons also offer other services such as manicures and pedicures that are also at a great price!

1. Salon Ami

Photo Cred- @jlskinfitness


For the cheapest and basically the most effective facials, ,you should definitely check out Salon Ami. Not only do they offer cheap facials, but they have great services. They offer three facials; the RVB Natural facial for 28$, the fruit facial for 32$, and the gold facial for 35$.

They are open from Monday to Friday until 7 pm so after work or school you can check them out! Their goal is to thoroughly cleanse and remove dead skin cells, evaluate your skin type and find treatments that will best tone and moisturises that type, and the extraction of blackheads.


2. Beauté Mantra

Photo Cred-Beauté Mantra

4466 rue marquette

If you happen to be in the Montreal Plateau area, I suggest checking out Beaute Mantra for a great facial! Their facials are under 50$ and they also offer waxing and threading. So, you can treat yourself to a spa day dedicated to you! They offer great service and you are bound to have a relaxing time.

They are open from 10 am until 7 pm so you have plenty of time to fit in some you time! All their services are at great prices so you won't feel like you are dishing out hundreds of dollars


3. Clin d’Oeil Mtl

Photo Cred-Clin D'oeil mtl

380 Rue Guy

A perfect destination for those who work down town is Clin d'Oeil Mtl. They also offer regular facials that are less than 50$. They have great reviews and their service is great. You will receive a relaxing facial with great oils that you will love! So when you just had a stressful day at work , I recommend checking them out!


4. NStyle Nail Lounge

Photo Cred-NStyle Nail Lounge Canada

Place Montréal Trust, 1500 McGill College Ave

For a heaven express facial, I suggest trying NStyle Nail Lounge! For 60$ you can get an amazing facial that will make your skin feel heavenly. It revives your skin within 30 minutes. This treatment is for all skin types and it leaves your skin looking radiant and moisturised.


5. Eternite Epilation Laser

Photo Cred- Clinique Éternité laser et d'esthétique

1220 Av Bernard


6. Ideal Body

Photo Cred-Ideal Body Clinic / Clinique Corps Ideal

5725, Avenue De Monkland

For a Mini Mud Facial, check out the Ideal Body salon! For 40 minutes you get a natural facial with vitamins and minerals from the Dead Sea for 60$. For a Revitalising Anti-Aging Eye treatment you can also check out the Ideal Body salon! For 55$ you can enjoy a 40 minute skin care session around your eyes to treat wrinkles and dehydration in this fragile area.


7. Elly's Spa & Salon

Photo Cred-Elly's Spa & Salon

1100 university

For a mini facial at 60$, I suggest trying Elly's Spa & Salon! They are also open fairly later in the afternoon until 7:30 pm so you can treat yourself after a long days work!


8. Spa Viva

Photo Cred-Spa Viva

2085 Rue Union

For a mini facial at 58$, check out Spa Viva! This facial lasts about 30 minutes so it's perfect to get on the go! They preform a milk cleansing with tonic lotion and a hydrating mask. You will feel fresh and fly with your new hydrated skin!


9. Nuva Spa

Photo Cred-Nüva

1750, ave Pierre Peladeau, Laval,

For 30$, experience a Sensational Eye Kur at Nuva Spa! This facial is mainly for your eyes. You will feel deeply relaxed After a relaxing treatment, your skin will be treated to cool eye pads that will brighten your eyes and keep you calm.

11. Clinique MariDerm

Photo Cred-MariDerm

Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu650, rue Boucher suite 102

For a facial that includes, cleansing, lotion, exfoliation, skin preparation for extraction, extraction of blackheads, masks, serums, and creams, I suggest checking out Groupon. For 60 minutes, you can get a 84$ facial for only 39$ at Clinique MariDerm! They even give you a 15-minute detailed skin analysis.


12. Spa Victoria

Spa Victoria

To make a great saving for a great facial, I suggest checking out Groupon yet again for a superb deal. For $39 you receive a complete facial and mask that is valued at $155. For 90 minutes, you receive deeply cleansed pores to regenerate the superior skin layer and a hydration mask. I assure you that this is a great experience!

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