Top 12 Very Well-Paying Jobs You Can Get Hired For In Montreal Immediately

If you've been keeping up with the news lately you know that Montreal is currently ranked as the worst city to find a job in Canada.

But don't give up hope just yet because that doesn't necessarily mean you can't find one.

You just need to broaden your scope and most importantly, never give up on your search because there are hundreds of new jobs posts going up everyday.

In the meantime here are some high paying jobs you can apply for today!

1. Taxpayer Services Agent

Canada Revenue Agency


The safest kind of work is working for the government seeing as how they're not very likely to gout of business. And don't worry if you aren't qualified for this job, they offer 6 weeks of training.

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2. La Ronde Clerk

La Ronde


There's probably no better place to spend the summer than at LaRonde. Because if you're going to be working, you might as well be working in a magical outdoor paradise.

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3. Party Administrator

Divertissement Party Time


When it comes to party planning, you'll be at the top of the food chain seeing as how you'll be personally managing projects from start to finish.

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4. Sales Associate

The Brick


The beauty of this job (other than the awesome salary) is the fact that it offers multiple career paths.

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Air Canada Agent

Air Canada


Provide customers with information regarding flights, fares, destinations, special offers and other travel products.

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Student Affairs Coordinator

Mcgill University


Your job is to help all those students figure out solutions to all their problems related to enrollment admission and registration.

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Student Recruitment Information Officer

Concordia University


Implementing university recruitment strategies, particularly on social media. Provide general information and act as a liaison between the students and the administration.

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Background Performer

Redwolf Talent Management


This Montreal film and television company is looking for background performers for feature film and network television productions.

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Canada Post


Mailman might not be the most glamorous job, but getting paid $20 an hour suddenly makes this job seem a lot fancier.

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Master Decorator

Brault and Martineau

$11 (with a raise after probation)

This is pretty cool job. Have you ever walked in to a furniture store and wondered who decides where the furniture will be placed? Well that person could be you, forget decorating a room. You'll be decorating an entire warehouse.

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Retail Manager


Have you ever wanted to be the overlord of the Apple store geniuses? Of course you do, that would automatically make you the ultimate master genius. Think how cool that would look on a business card.

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Ubisoft Clerk


Have you ever wanted to sell happiness to people? Good thing you know everything there is to know about video games. They'd be crazy not to hire you.

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