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Top 11 Ugliest Things About Montreal

Don't judge a book by its cover.
Top 11 Ugliest Things About Montreal

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From the outside, there's no denying that Montreal is a beautiful city. From the iconic skyline, to the old-world architecture, and even its people, Montreal is a sexy place to live. But there are always two sides to every coin. As much as we love to praise and admire our fair city, sadly, there's also an ugly side. A side that no one really likes to talk about and one that most of us try to sweep under the rug. From eyesores to bad reputations, Montreal can look pretty ugly without its makeup on.

1. The Sunday morning spewage and garbage on Saint-Laurent

There is nothing more appetizing on your way to brunch, than the abstract remnants of the night before.

Photo cred - mugley

2. Winter slush in the city

Winter already blows goats, but dirty brown slush is a plague on the city.

3. The never ending road construction

I'm willing to bet that construction workers get bored and just dig up the road for fun. And then promptly forget about it.

4. Political corruption

No comment.

5. Prejudice

Heeeyy, Montreal is everyone's home too.

6. The filth uncovered by the perennial thaw

Who knew Montrealers smoked that many cigarettes.

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7. Overzealous Riot Police

Valid question.

8. Guy-Concordia Metro

Poor, poor Guy-Concordia metro. Why does no one like you?

9. Our stickered buses, police cars, fire trucks etc.

This would be considered vandalism in any other context.

10. The lack of services and facilities for Montreal's homeless

Better services means less homeless people.

11. Horse plop in the Old Port

Shit happens.

Photo cred - nlalor

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