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Top 15 Cutest Montreal Parks You Go Can Go To With Your BFF This Summer

For when you don't know what to do on a sunny day.
Top 15 Cutest Montreal Parks You Go Can Go To With Your BFF This Summer

We all know how it feels when you and your BFF are trying to think of something to do. Most of the time we just ask one another "well... what do you want to do?" and then we go back and forth asking each other for more ideas. Well, when you final come to the conclusion on taking a beautiful stroll in the park, you guys are then faced with the decision of which park to go to.

I have constructed this list to help you and your BFF find the cutest parks to do specific activities whether it be a picnic, dancing, or a run. Montreal hosts beautiful parks that are perfect for day to day activities that you and your BFF will love.

So stop wondering about which parks to go to and simply pick one from this list based on your desired activity. I guarantee that you and your BFF will have a blast! So turn off Netflix and force each other to get out of bed and enjoy one of Montreal beautiful parks this summer!

1. Go To Parc Jean-Drapeau For A Tropical Adventure

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Most people are unaware that Parc Jean-Drapeau holds waterfalls all over the island. So, if you and your BFF are the adventurous type, then I suggest exploring Parc Jean-Drapeau in search of it's magical waterfalls. You will both enjoy the tropical sensations and the wonderful photographs that you will take!

2. Go To Parc des Rapides For A Fun Bike Ride/Surfing 

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If you and your BFF are health fanatics and want to have a enjoyable work out with beautiful scenery, then I suggest checking out Parc des Rapides in Lasalle. The bike path is located right along the rapids of the St. Lawrence river where you and your BFF can bike peacefully.

In addition, if you and your BFF want to experience something crazy, then I suggest checking out the surfing section of Parc des Rpides! Every day surfers come here to literally surf in the rapids. You will need to check them out before hand to get further information. So bike there first and then plan your surfing day for another BFF date.

3. Go To Angrigon Park To Tan

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For those BFFs who want to get their tan on, I recommend checking out Parc Angrigon for a relaxing tanning experience. They have great secluded areas and even super comfy lawn chairs that are ready for you and your BFF. So pack up your beach towels, a speaker, and some fresh lemonade to enjoy a great tanning session with you and your BFF.

4. Go To Parc Saint-Louis For Ice Cream And A Walk Along The Water

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If you and your BFF have a sweet tooth, then I suggest checking out Parc Saint-Louis since it's located right next to Dairy Queen in Lachine! You and your BFF can enjoy a sweet treat and a lovely walk along the St. Lawrence River. Not only is the scenery beautiful but so is the old lighthouse that is located at the tip of the board walk!

5. Go To The Docks In Verdun For A Relaxing Time

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Behind the Natatorium in Verdun, there is a fairly large doc where you and your BFF can sit, relax, and talk while enjoying the beautiful weather of Montreal. You guys can sit, soak up the sun, and have a great time!

6. Go To Parc Mount Royal For A Dance Party

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There is no better way to take advantage of the summer weather in Montreal then to going to Parc Mount Royal for Tam tams. Tam tams is a weekly free festival that has music, food, and well a bunch of people that are dancing! So if you and your BFF love to dance, or just love people watching then I suggest checking out the Tam tams in Parc Mount Royal.

7. Go To Parc Jarry For A Delightful Picnic

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For those BFFs who also happen to be foodies, I suggest making a beautiful picnic and heading to Jarry Park. Not only is it a beautiful site to see, but it also has great secluded areas that offer perfect picnic places. But if you and your BFF are on the lazy side and don't want to make your own picnic, then I suggest going to Dinette Triple Crown.

Dinnette Triple Crown packs and makes a picnic for your and your BFF! All you have to do is walk to Jarry Park and enjoy for wonderful picnic!

8. Go To Cap-Saint-Jacques Nature Park For A Nature Walk And Beach Day

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If you and your BFF are nature freaks like me, then I promise that you will love the nature walk in the Cap-Saint-Jacques Nature Park. It is absolutely stunning and at the end of the walk you find the beach! So enjoy nature and then relax on the beach with your BFF.

9. Go To Parc de l'Aqueduc For Kayaking In The St.Lawrence

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For a rush of adrenaline and a fun adventure, I believe that you and your BFF should check out Parc de l'Aqueduc for some fabulous kayaking in the St. Lawrence River. You and your BFF will feel a rush of Adrenaline but afterwards you can chill out in the park and be thankful that you survived kayaking!

10. Go To Parc de la Petite-Italie For Gelato

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Go to the park in Little Italy if you want to enjoy a nice scoop of fresh gelato with your BFF. This is honestly the perfect park to enjoy a cute BFF date. My personal favourite is Pile Ou Glace which is not too far from the park! So pretend like you and your BFF are in Italy enjoy some delicious gelato.

11. Go To Parc de La Cite-du-Havre To Watch A Sunset

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For a more deep conversation between you and your BFF, I suggest checking out Parc de La Cite-du-Havre to watch a beautiful sunset. It is the perfect place to enjoy your friendship as well as a sunset.

12. Go To Parc Maynard-Ferguson For A TREKFIT Experience

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If you and your BFF are once again fitness crazy but want to try something new in one of Montreal's parks, then I suggest going to the TREKFIT center in Parc Maynard-Ferguson. It is a fun experience and a perfect place to relax at after.

13. Go To Esplanade Ernest-Cormier Park For A Sculpture Tour

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For those artsy BFFs like me, I strongly recommend going to the Esplanade Ernest-Cormier Park for a magnificent sculpture tour! You can either walk around and enjoy the sculptures or venture off and explore the hidden ones that no one has seen!

14. Go To Parc René-Lévesque To Do Photography

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Get your photography game on with your BFF at Parc René-Lévesque! Parc René-Lévesque is the absolute perfect location for some great pictures of either scenery or of that hipster BFF of yours!

15. Go To Westmount Park To See Lilac and Cherry Blossom Trees

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For some sweet scents, I suggest checking out Westmount Park with your BFF to enjoy a cute little day by the Lilac and Cherry Blossom Trees. It is a great place to take a selfie with your BFF and to enjoy what mother nature has to offer to Montreal!

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