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The 15 Steepest Streets In Montreal You Should Always Avoid Walking Up If You're Lazy Af

The hills have rise.
The 15 Steepest Streets In Montreal You Should Always Avoid Walking Up If You're Lazy Af

There are tons of incredible things to do in Montreal, but getting to them can be a pain. Unfortunately, the city’s geography is filled with steep hills that make walking or biking around the city a real bitch. As many shitty hills as there are in the city, 15 of them stand out for giving us particularly painful leg cramps. Here are the 15 worst hills in Montreal.

1. Vincent d’Indy and Boulevard Mont-Royal

If you're climbing up this, you might be on your way to class at U de M, in which case you might already be in a shitty mood. Combine that with the annoyance of having to walk up this hill, and we won't want to be anywhere near you while you tackle this incline.

2. University from Rue Sherbrooke to Rue Pins

Walking up this hill sucks, for sure. Luckily, you can fuel up at Smart Burger, which is right near it. Climbing up a hill is scientifically proven to blow at least slightly less if you're eating a burger while you do it.

3. Avenue Atwater from rue St-Jaques to Rue St-Catherine

Although this hill is a bear, there's a bowling alley right near by, the existence of which numbs the pain of us having to climb it. Believe it or not, we love bowling even more than we hate climbing hills.

4. Boulevard Decarie to Marianopolis, near Villa-Maria metro

There's only one thing worse than going to class in university, and that's going to class in CEGEP. Unfortunately, if you're climbing this hill, there's a decent chance that you've either just done that or will be doing it soon. If you see someone who's CEGEP-aged going up the behemoth, we highly recommend that you get away from them as quickly as possible (for your own safety).

5. Chemin de la Cote de Neiges from Boulevard de Maisonneuve to Avenue du Dr-Penfield

Luckily, the greatness of the food in the area is approximately equivalent to the shittiness of the hill, making it mildly tolerable. There's nothing to make climbing a hill suck less like a Creation from Boustan.

6. Rue St-Urbain and Rue St-Antoine

We wish you way more than luck with this one.

7. Rue Simpson, from the beginning of the street to the end of the street

This entire street appears to be infected with a disease known as "fuckthishillneosis." Seriously. This shit sucks.

8. Rue Jeanne Meance, from Maisonneuve to Sherbrooke

We don't have much to say about this hill, because we're still traumatized from that one time we attempted to climb it.

9. Trafalgar Road between the Boulevard and Avenue Trafalgar

If we had to rate this hill on a scale of one to ten, with one being "not that shitty," and 10 being "super shitty," we'd give it a 9.5.

10. Belvedere between the Boulevard and Sunnyside

Name one thing in the world worse than this hill. Give up? Good. You can join us in reveling in how supremely awful it is.

11. Avenue Bellevue

In the words of William Shakespeare, "I hate this hill more than, like, anything."

12. Avenue Clarke near Thornhill

Fact: the word "hill" was invented to describe this bitch of an incline.

13. Montagne between Cedar and Montrose

It's not that surprising that a street with this name has an annoying hill. Still, even the word "mountain" doesn't do justice to the truly horrific experience that is every journey up this thing.

14. Cote du Beaver Hall between Gauchetiere and Viger

The only emotion we experience that's more powerful than our complete and utter loathing of hills is our adoration of Beaver Tails. That doesn't have much to do with this hill other than that they share the word "beaver" but, shit, those things kick ass.

15. Hotel de Ville between St-Norbert and Ontario

Last but not least (as in it's definitely not the least we cursed when walking up a hill) is this piece of shit. We're not sure whether or not reincarnation exists, but if it does, we sincerely hope that this thing comes back as a cockroach.

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