Top 18 Montreal Restaurants Whose Food Will Steal Her Heart

Where you take that special person in your life.

When love is in the air of Montreal the real one way to win a girls heart is through her stomach! Honestly, it isn't too hard to do so since our city is FILLED with amazing restaurants.

So, to help you guys out a little, I made a list that composes of restaurants whose food will 100% steal your girls heart! The list has a large variety or restaurants that range from sushi to Greek food so choose wisely according to your future GF's preferences!

1. Her Heart Will Be Melting At Jatoba

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1184 Place Phillips

For some delicious white wine and some fabulous food as you eat under the lights, I recommend looking into Jatoba. Jatoba is a gorgeous garden terrasse where you can enjoy inspired classic Japanese and Chinese dishes made by their chef, Olivier Vigneault.


2. Her Heart Will Be Melting At Toyo

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2155 Rue de la Montagne

For a date that involves fresh fabulous food and a show, I suggest taking her to Toyo! They specialize in Teppanyaki cuisine where they put on a show while making your food. This is a great way to laugh and remain entertained while on a date. Not only do the chefs put on a show, but the chefs are also super interactive with your table! For a full meal including absolutely everything, it only costs between 20-40$ to have dinner and show.


3. Her Heart Will Be Melting At Takumi

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405 Rue Sherbrooke E

Takumi Fusion Asiatique Sushi is great for all you can eat sushi! This restaurant specializes, not only in sushi, but also in tropical sushi pizza, featuring mango and crab; grilled tilapia; and lamb yakitori. This is a great way to show your date the fun and fishy side of you!

4. Her Heart Will Be Melting At Le Passé Composé

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950 Roy E

Le Passé Composé is a classy brunch restaurant that will utterly shock your date! Their breakfast food is far from typical. They offer great mixes of bagels and fried eggs that will make both your mouths water.


5. Her Heart Will Be Melting At Milos

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5357 Av du Parc

Milos is a superb restaurant for traditional Greek food. It is honestly gorgeous and the food is to die for! They offer a raw fish buffet and their specialized dish is fried zucchini and eggplant, IT'S SO GOOD!


6. Her Heart Will Be Melting At Harbin Dumplings

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4801, boul. St Laurent

Harbin Dumplings is a sweet little restaurant on the Plateau in Mile-End. They specialize in dumplings that are bursting with flavor! This is a great restaurant to start off that autumn date!


7. Her Heart Will Be Melting At Europea

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1227 de La Montagne

Headed by chef Jérôme Ferrer, Europea offers a French dining experience that is truly like no other. Their signature 12-course tasting menu is $120 of pure lovely food. This is a prefect location to pretend like you are in Paris on your date with that special someone of yours.


8. Her Heart Will Be Melting At Chambre À Part

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3619 Rue Saint-Denis

For an ambiance that is rustic, contemporary, romantic then this is the place for you! They also specialize in french cuisine but they add a vintage twist on it!


9. Her Heart Will Be Melting At Le Speakeasy

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120 McGill

For some delightful seafood and champagne, I recommend looking into Le Speakeasy where you can sit back with your date over a fresh catch! Their seafood is honestly to die for and it will truly make your date fall in love with you... and food!


10. Her Heart Will Be Melting At Candide

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551 Saint Martin

For a mix of seafood, cheese, clams, and basically everything else, Candide is the place for you and your date! They have a romantic ambiance and great food to go with it.


11. Her Heart Will Be Melting At Le Mousso

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1023 Ontario Est

For divine food as well as a divine time, I suggest heading to Mousso. Here, you and your date can enjoy the simple deserts in life along with the extravagant dinners.


12. Her Heart Will Be Melting At Lola Rosa

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4581 Av du Parc

For a vegetarian or vegan date, I suggest treating them to Lola Rosa! Here they can enjoy delightful dishes of salsas and Mexican inspired treats!


13. Her Heart Will Be Melting At Bistro Nolah

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3669 Blvd St Jeans

To really make your date fall in love, I suggest bringing them here for classic, southern comfort food but in an upscale way! This is a great way to show her how fancy you can be but how warm hearted and down to earth you are as well!

14. Her Heart Will Be Melting At Andrea

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3194, boul. Saint-Joseph

This restaurant truly has it all! They serve AMAZING pizza, FRESH seafood, and SUPERB pasta! I've been there so many times and every time I've ordered I fell in love!


15. Her Heart Will Be Melting At Bevo

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410 St Vincent St

For pizza right out of the wooden oven that will make you feel like you are in Italy, you need to take your date out Bevo in Old Montreal. Not only is the location beautiful but the food is delicious and the melted cheese will make your girls heart melt even more!


16. Her Heart Will Be Melting At Joverse

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52 rue Saint-Jacques

Joverse may have only seemed like a night club to you but you honestly HAVE to try going there for dinner! Their food is honestly amazing and for $240 you can order the "whole damn menu!" I did this with my friends and all the dishes were AMAZING!


17. Her Heart Will Be Melting At Deville

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1425 Rue Stanley

If you love some awesome burgers and some even more delicious and larger than life drinks, I suggest checking out Deville! They have these amazing fish bowl drinks, doughnut balls, salads, burgers, and much more to make your mouths water!


18. Her Heart Will Be Melting At Macbar et Fromage

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1345 Rue Ontario E

There's truly no better way into a girls heart that through some good old Mac and Cheese!


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