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Top 25 Downtown Montreal Exotic Car Spotting Pictures During Grand Prix 2014 Weekend

When millions of dollars of rare machines invade the city.
Top 25 Downtown Montreal Exotic Car Spotting Pictures During Grand Prix 2014 Weekend

Cover photo cred - Andrew Brestansky


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Montreal's 2014 Grand Prix came and went in a hot mess of a weekend.

If you were downtown for a mere 2 minutes you would have noticed that Ferraris, Lamborghinis, Porsches and even one very rare Pagani Huayra had made downtown Montreal their home for the entire weekend.

Weather you like the GP or not these cars that show up are absolute works of art.

Here are some of the most rare cars that we spotted along with other fellow car enthusiasts.

1. Pagani Huayra and McLaren 650S Spider parked on Sherbrooke Street in front of the Ritz Carlton. Picture by Olivier Martel Savoie.

2. A Lamborghini Murcielago LP 640 Roadster with one heck of a cool license plate "TORRO" spotted cruising down Maisonneuve Street. Picture by niche.

3. A Rosso Corsa Ferrari 458 Italia on display on Peel Street while passers by play mini put, why? Picture by niche.

4. Front and center roaring down Saint-Catherine Street this First Generation Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder is nothing but net! Picture by niche.

5. A baller duo roaming near Cresent Street, which one would you rather the Lamborghini Aventador or the Bentley GTC? Picture by Gabriel Gianni D'Angelo.

6. This rare Mercedes McLaren SLR Roadster was spotted at a red light at the top of Rue de la Montagne. Picture by niche.

7. Some say this Ferrari is for women only, we have to say screw that, we would gladly own a California. Spotted at Hotel Sofitel on Sherbrooke Street. Picture by Amir Ryan.

8. Two Ferrari 458 Italias spotted parked on Rene Levesque Street. Picture by Raigen Burrows.

9. Oh nothing to see here, just a Mercedes SLS AMG Final Edition Roadster and a Ferrari FF spotted at Hotel Le Crystal. Picture by niche.

10. We were told that this Lamborghini Aventador Roadster spotted on Sherbrooke Street was driven by P.K. Subban. Picture by niche.


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11. A different Ferrari FF spotted this time "slowly" creeping down Saint-Catherine Street. Picture by Gabriel Gianni D'Angelo.

12. Lamborghini LP 640 Roadster and Lamborghini Murcielago 6.2 spotted in front of Rosalie on Rue de la Montagne. Picture by niche.

13. Interesting looking Audi R8 Spyder spotted parked in front of Rosalie on Rue de la Montagne. Picture by niche.

14. Probably the most talked about picture over the weekend, this young lady was spotted flashing the Red Lamborghini Aventador Roadster owner. Picture by Gabriel Gianni D'Angelo.

15. 1 of only 2 in Quebec, this Lamborghini LP 570-4 Squadra Corsa was on display on Monkland Street in NDG. Picture by niche.

16. A gem of a car! This 997.2 Porsche GT3 RS was parked in front of the Ritz Carlton on Sherbrooke street. Picture by Anthony Melotti.

17. Our absolute favorite Lamborghini Aventador in Montreal at the moment was spotted right outside of Peel Metro station. Picture by niche.

18. You do not see these two often, a Red Mercedes SLS AMG GT spotted on Saint-Catherine street. Picture by niche.

19. Spotted on Maisonneuve this Lamborghini Aventador is just one of we cannot even count how many seen over the weekend in the city. Picture by Gabriel Gianni D'Angelo.

20. Two of the rarest cars you will ever lay eyes one, A Pagani Huayra and Ferrari SA Aperta spotted side by side in front of the Ritz Carlton on Sherbrooke Street. Picture by Andrew Brestansky.


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21. Posted up for all the tourists to see on Peel Street this Verde Ithaca Lamborghini LP 550-2 Balboni was quite the head turner. Picture by niche.

22. American muscle in Montreal! A Cadillac CTS-V Spotted on Saint-Pierre Street in the Old Port. Picture by niche.

23. Hot on our tail this Ferrari F12 Berlinetta was driving up Saint-Pierre Street. Picture by niche.

24. Even James Bond's car made an appearance ;). Very nice Aston Martin DBS was spotted just off Maisonneuve Street. Picture by niche.

25. Rumored, this Ferrari SA Aperta spotted parked downtown Montreal belongs to none of than Mr. Angelo Guzzo. Picture by Erik Bashatly.

26. This is the Bentley you want to own, a uber rare Bentley Supersports parked just off Maisonneuve street. Picture by niche.

27. Lamborghini Montreal brought out its very best for the weekend, these two Lamborghinis were spotted pulling out of the John Scotti dealership.

28. The greatest American super car ever produced, this Ford GT was spotted on Saint-Catherine Street. Picture by Gabriel Lafontaine.

29. Doors vertical while driving down Saint-Catherine Street, this Lamborghini Aventador was wild. Picture by Jeremie Montour.

30. Who said Ferraris need to be red? This dark blue Ferrari 458 Italia Spider spotted on Sherbrooke Street drops jaws. Picture by Veronique Sepasi.

31. Last but not least a all-new 991 Porsche GT3 spotted on Sherbrooke Street. Picture by Gabriel Gianni D'Angelo.


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