Best Montreal Boozy Brunch Restaurants

Start your day off with a kick.
Best Montreal Boozy Brunch Restaurants

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What's the best way to help a hangover? Brunch, obviously. But what's the best way to totally cure a hangover? Well, that's be drunch, the magical fusion of drinking and the meal of brunch. Food and alcohol take away your hangover pains, filling you up and making your head start throbbing with some pain-relieving drank. Brunch spots are everywhere in Montreal, but drunch isn't quite so widespread. If you've never drunch'd, or if you're looking for a new spot to mack on some mimosas and eggs, below are Montreal's drunk brunch locations. Props to Thrillist for providing most of the info. All of these spots serve a wicked brunch and have a full bar, or a drunch drink menu. Read on and find your spot.

1. À La Fine Pointe

  • 1791 Centre (map)
  • Gotta order the 2 eggs + poutine + Heineken for the ultimate Montreal drunch.

2. Beauty’s

  • 93 Mont-Royal West (map)
  • Yes, Beauty's has a drink menu, making the brunch staple fully drunch-able.

3. Griffintown Café

  • 1378 Notre Dame West (map)
  • Get a Canadian breakfast plate with some Canadian beer.

4. Nouveau Palais

  • 281 Bernard West (map)
  • All-star chicken and waffles with a mimosa or Caesar is the way to start your day.

5. Byblos Le Petit Café

  • 1499 Laurier East (map)
  • Famous for their feta omelette, which will go great with a beer, as does everything.

6. Sparrow

  • 5322 St. Laurent (map)
  • Creative brunch dishes with crazy-cool cocktails like the blood orange mimosa.

7. Resto Biarritz

  • 4801St. Laurent (map)
  • A fanciful brunch feast with a few mimosas sounds good to us.

8. L'Atelier d'Argentine

  • 355 Marguerite d'Youville (map)
  • Bottomless Bloody Mary for $19. Not a Caesar, but we'll take it.

9. Fabergé

  • 25 Fairmount West (map)
  • Like you needed another reason to go eat a breakfast poutine anyway.

10. Birks Café By Europea

  • 1240 Place Philips (map)
  • This is like a real breakfast at Tiffany's, just with mimosas in the mix.

11. L’Assommoir

  • 112 Bernard West (map)
  • Known for their wide drink menu, which also includes mimosas, peach bellinis, and a sexy list of Caesars.

12. Terrasses Bonsecours' Boozy Brunch Sundays

  • Old Port (map)
  • Mimosas, sun, and a view of the water. See the fun for yourself here.

13. Lili Co.

  • 4650 Mentana (map)
  • Weirdly awesome dishes (octopus club sandwich!) and equally exciting drinks like the Early Gin or Pink Lemonade.

14. Lawrence

  • 5201 St. Laurent (map)
  • Standard drunch beverages are here, as are more exotic fair like the Aperol Spritz or apple mimosa.

15. Ye Olde Orchard

  • Multiple locations (map)
  • Full and hearty breakfasts (that are truly tasty) and all the beer you could want.

16. Régine Café

  • 1840 Beaubien East (map)
  • Régine Café's brunch with serious flair is well paired with a Caesar.

17. L’Avenue

  • 922 Mont-Royal (map)
  • A boozy pitcher of their sangria will make sure you really enjoy your food.

18. Le Cartet

  • 106 McGill (map)
  • Mimosas are their only drunch drank, but their legit menu more than makes up for it.

19. Le Passé Composé

  • 950 Roy East (map)
  • Come with a friend and get the two-for-$13 mimosa deal...or just order two for yourself.

20. Royal Phoenix

  • 5788 St. Laurent (map)
  • Bacon Bloody Caesars, 'nuff said.

21. Restaurant Santa Barbara

  • 6696 Saint Vallier (map)
  • Always rocking creative cocktails, Santa Barbara does up it just as nice for brunch.

22. Burgundy Lion

  • 2496 Notre-Dame West (map)
  • The White & Red Eye is what to get, a beer-cocktail with beer, tomato juice, vodka and a whole egg. Don't knock it 'til you try it.

23. Ma-Am-M Bolduc

  • 4351 de Lorimier (map)
  • Beer, wine, cocktails, and alcoholic coffees are all on board to get you drunch'd.

24. Universel

  • 3630 St-Denis (map) & 2055 Peel (map)
  • A full drink menu, plus mimosas and Caesars for those who want the morning stuff.

25. SuWu

  • 3581 St. Laurent (map)
  • Mothertruckin' endless mimosas, awww yeahhhh.

26. Les Enfants Terribles

  • 1257 Bernard (map)
  • Do it up a little fancy with a grapefruit zest-infused Apérol Spritz.

27. Réservoir

  • 9 Duluth East (map)
  • Very reasonable mimosas for only $5.

28. Brasserie Central

  • 4858 Sherbrooke West (map)
  • The Central Bloody Caesar includes the enticing additions of chipotle and serrano ham, and their other cocktails are just as cool.

29. Prohibition

  • 5674 Monkland (map)
  • You got your mimosas and Caesars, and also all the beer, wine, and cocktails you would normally get.

30. Eggspectation

  • Multiple Locations (map)
  • Add some booze to your favourite smoothies.

Bonus 1 : El Mundo

  • 3500 Parc (map)
  • This cafe has enough food to qualify as a resto, along with a fully stocked bar to drunch-out on.

Bonus 2 : Restaurant Mesón

  • 345 rue Villeray (map)
  • Get your morning drink on with a Spanish flavor and twist, this is a fine Montreal brunch gem.

Where will you be getting drunch?

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