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Top 35 Really Fun Things You Can Do Indoors When It's Raining In Montreal

Because it's gonna rain all week.
Top 35 Really Fun Things You Can Do Indoors When It's Raining In Montreal

Mother nature truly loves to mess with us Montrealers. She gives us two days of beautiful sun, a taste of the summer to come, then hits us with a week's worth of rain. Seriously, it's going to be rainy, cloudy, and altogether unbearable outside for the next seven days. Let that sink in.

But rather then get all depressed and hateful, capitalize on the indoor-time you have left. Because, as we all know, once the truly great weather comes you'll be in a park or on a terrasse, so use the rainy weather to do some truly fun indoor activities while you can.

While most of you will just be Netflix'ing for the next week, those of you who don't have any more shows to burn through can enjoy these 35 fun indoor things to do in Montreal during this very rainy week.

Finally check out the Barbie Expo

Honestly, even if you aren't into Barbies, it's actually a really cool and interesting exhibit.

Get creative at Céramic Café on Saint Denis

Paint some ceramic, enjoy some coffee, and make a work of art as you watch the rain fall outside. Get more info here.

Find some summer reading at a Montreal indy bookstore

You'll need something to read when you're chilling in the park later this summer.

Redecorate your home with some new furniture

And we got a list of places where you can get new home decor on the cheap.

Get your game on at Montreal's pinball bar orArcadeMTL

Achieving a high score is totally a productive use of your time.

Up your culinary game at a cooking class

When it rains, it's time to cook and eat.

Get busy in the bedroom.

Or anywhere else. We’ve actually got a fair bit of suggestions.

Board game it up at Randolph's

Rainy days are made for playing board games, and no matter that type you're into, Randolph's has you covered.

Walk through the Underground City

You need to get your steps in somehow. And it's now even easier with this handy map!

Walk through the greenhouses at the Botanical Gardens

The rest of the plants haven't bloomed, but the greenhouses are always a sight to see. Plus, the glass walls will shield you from all that pesky rain.

Assemble a magical meal at Jean-Talon

Find an amazing recipe, buy all the produce and meats at Jean-Talon, and spend the rest of the day cooking. Sounds delicious to me.

Fly high on the hidden Saint Denis trapeze room

It may be rainy outside, but that doesn't mean you can't do something a little out of the ordinary.

Get your glow and gold on at Putting Edge

Be sure to wear lots of neon colours for the best blacklight-look.

Try to break free at a Montreal escape-the-room-game

And we have plenty to choose from.

Go check out the wax musuem Musée Grévin

Because you've always wanted an excuse to check it out.

Ride the metro and eat at a restaurant you've never been to.

In fact, we have the perfect map for that.

Feel like a pilot at Montreal's flight simulator

Because it's the closest you're ever going to get. Check it out here.

Work your muscles out while rock climbing at Allez Up

Not every workout needs to be at a gym.

See what animals look like without any skin at the Montreal Science Centre

It' all part of the "Animal Inside Out: Body Worlds" exhibition, and yes, it is creepy.

Go bowling or hit the arcade at the Montreal Forum

Or, worst to worst, go see a movie at the AMC.

Get cultured at a Montreal museum

Don't forget that many others are also free, or very affordable.

Walk around a modern big-top at the Tohu

A circus school that is also the Saint-Michel Environmental Complex, Tohu offers tons to do.

Unleash your inner commando at Laser Quest

Or wear a suit jacket and make it "Blazer Quest."

Gaze upon the stars at the Planetarium

Not like all those rain clouds will let you see anything irl anyway.

Find a new outfit at a friperie on Mont-Royal

Rainy days are shopping days, after all.

Relax at an amazing Montreal spa

Because you deserve it.

See all the adorable sea otters at the Biodome

And all those other animals, I guess. Sea otters reign supreme for cuteness, though.

Laugh it up at the Comedy Nest

Let a Montreal comedian make you forget how awful it is outside.

Burn some rubber at Action 500 Go Karting

The largest indoor course in Canada. Plus they have paintball.

Finally take the trip up to the Olympic Tower observatory

Honestly, I think Montreal looks best when its grey and rainy. Besides, you've had this on your bucket list for years.

Feel like Katniss/Hawkeye at Montreal's first archery tag complex

Or whichever fictional archer you most identify with.

Skydive, but indoors, at SkyVenture Montreal

It's too rainy for a plane anyway.

Sip on some red and whites at a Montreal wine bar

A good glass of vino is amazing no matter the weather.

Or if beer is more your thing, head to a Montreal microbrewery

Again, rain does not lessen the fun of drinking.

Enjoy a ballet performance at Place-des-Art

Use the rain as an opportunity to get more classy.

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