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Top 4 Montreal Mayoral Candidates

A look at Montreal's potential new mayors.
Top 4 Montreal Mayoral Candidates

Today, Friday September 20th, marks the official start day for municipal elections in Quebec. As such, the race for Montreal's next Mayor begins. Expect a shitstorm of signs, ads, and hopefully a few scandalous rumours to keep things interesting.

9 candidates are in the running in Montreal's municipal elections, but four are the clear front runners in the race. Using the (never) tried, tested, and mostly true P.P.L. analysis method (Past Experience, Platform, and Level of Bang-ability) here is a basic breakdown of Montreal's top four mayoral candidates to help you make a more informed vote come election day.

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Melanie Joly

Past Experience: Lawyer and Public Relations professional

Platform: Joly released a ten point platform, a defining feature being a proposed 'Charter of Nightlife' designed to keep Montreal a vibrant entertainment hub, and not a giant suburb. One strategy is to create a dialogue between residents and nightlife operators, a large point being a reduction of those pesky noise complaints. Joly also places an emphasis on the city's public art and entrepreneurial opportunities. In terms of transit, Joly hopes to build a 130km rapid bus system which would include bus-only lanes and the ability for buses to control traffic lights.

Level of Bang-ability: 8/10 Points for being a blonde. Plus you know she's down to party.

Dennis Coderre

Past Experience: Liberal Member of Parliament for 16 years, roles including Transport Critic, National Defense Critic, Junior Minister of Sports and Immigration Minister

Platform: Better public transport is a main feature of Coderre's mayoral campaign. Coderre plans to refurbish Montreal's very damaged roads, create reserved bus lanes, and make it much easier to get on and off the island. Criticized for being connected to the old administration of Gerald Tremblay, Coderre has stated all of this party's members are 'clean' and corruption-free. He has also publicly stated he is against the Quebec Charter of Values.

Level of Bang-ability: 7/10 With all that past experience he must have a few good moves in his repertoire. Plus he has a sexy grumpy face.

Marcel Côté

Past Experience: Professor of Economics at University of Sherbrooke and University of Quebec, Economic advisor to Premiere of Quebec, Director of Strategic Planning for Brian Mulroney

Platform: Côté has three main targets in his mayoral platform: eliminating corruption at city hall, improving municipal services, and bridging the language/cultural differences between the French and Anglophone peoples of Montreal. Planning on facilitating a 'Quiet Revolution,' at city hall, Côté wishes to appoint an ethics commisioner and create more transparency of information to the public. Specifically appealing to Anglophones, Côté states he will ensure English speakers can access city services and attain municipal employment. He also wishes to build 400km in bike lanes, 150km in bus lanes, and extend the blue line to Anjou.

Level of Bang-ability: 5/10 Côté kind of has a silver-fox thing going on...kinda.

Richard Bergeron

Past Experience: City Councillor for Jeanne-Mance district of Plateau-Mont Royal

Platform: The leader of Projet Montreal has a very environmental focus, wishing to improve sustainable urbanism. Part of his 71 point platform includes building a one billion dollar tramway line, a 2.5 billion dollar maritime entrance way, and extending three metro lines. Bergeron hopes to create more jobs this way, thus decreasing unemployment. Other than building stuff, Bergeron also plans to install an executive committee, consisting of members from different political parties, to aid in mayoral decisions.

Level of Bang-ability: 3/10 Wanting to build all that stuff he must be compensating for something if you catch my drift. Some points gained for looking like he's about to slap a bitch in that photo.

All in all, the candidates share common focuses: transit and travel within the city, abolishing corruption, and improving Montreal's infrastructure. Which candidate will do it best? Let us know your thoughts on the election candidates in the comments below.

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