Top 41 Most Stressful "Life Events" You Can Experience In Your Life

You have already been through many of them for sure.
Top 41 Most Stressful "Life Events" You Can Experience In Your Life

Have you ever pulled an all nighter at the library to cram for a last minute exam?

You probably thought to yourself: "No human has ever experienced this level of stress!"

Well you'd be wrong. Dead wrong.

Stressing about schoolwork isn't even on the list if the most stressful events a person can experience . In fact, people stressed about taking vacations more than they stressed about exams.

This list deals with serious life events, these events can cause a serious amount of stress which can lead to depression, memory loss,  headaches, upset stomach, elevated blood pressure, chest pain, and problem falling asleep at night.

While most of these items seem to be ordered properly, there a few surprises.

For example, who would have ever thought that "retirement" would be so high on the list? People look forward to retirement for a long time, you'd think they'd be happy when it finally happens.

Also, I really feel like "sex difficulties" should come before "retirement" but that's just me.

Especially when you consider "sex difficulties" beat out "death of close friend". I guess it wasn't that good of a friend.

Finally this one isn't very meaningful, I just thought it was really interesting that people stress more over Christmas that getting caught violating the law.

How many of these events have you survived?

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