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Best Montreal Ice Cream Shops

We all scream for ice cream.
Best Montreal Ice Cream Shops

If you’ve been living in Montreal as long as we have been, you probably know that summertime here is HOT and STICKY. The air is so thick and humid you can cut it with a knife. But what better way to cool off our summertime woe with some frosty cold ice cream. Here at MTLBlog, we did the work for you. We came up with a list of our Top 5 choices for the best ice cream spots in Montreal (in no particular order) so you don’t have to. So now, you don’t have to waste your time searching for the best spots. We got you.

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Kem CoBa

Where: 60 Fairmount Ouest

Why: These guys definitely know how to make ice cream. Hidden in the heart of the up and coming Mile-End neighborhood on Fairmont Street, this ice cream gem is not to be missed. They have a wide range of amazing gelato flavors but what really stands out is their soft ice cream and sorbet combo flavor of the week(s). Every few weeks or so, Kem CoBa concocts a new beautiful duo of flavors that will be sole soft ice cream flavor to be featured at the ice cream shop. Last time I went they had La Florida flavor. La Florida was a combination of Orange Sorbet and Coconut Ice cream. It was sweet, rich and just refreshing. Love the combination of sorbet and soft ice cream twisted together. Other sweet offerings featured throughout the summer that have come and gone are La Latina (Mango Sorbet and Dulce de Leche Soft Ice Cream), La Bien-Aimee (Sour Cherry Sorbet and Almond Milk Soft Ice Cream) and the current featured flavor La New-Yorkaise (Strawberry Sorbet and Cheesecake Soft Ice Cream). Make sure to head over there to try their featured flavor. It will surely satisfy your summer ice cream fix.


Dr Fröst

Where: Rue Saint-Denis

Why: We love dessert hybrids, especially when you have creamy ice cream sandwiched between two chewy macarons! Genius right?! Dr Frost is located on lower St. Denis Street, just south of Sherbrooke Street in the middle of the bustling bar and restaurant scene of the Quartier Latin. If you’re a macaron lover, you definitely need to try Dr Frost. The interior has a funky mad scientist’s lab theme with the ice cream flavor menu made into a creative periodic table. The chewy macaron’s are a little larger than the traditional ones and vibrant in color. They offer a wide range of macaron and ice cream flavors such as pistachio, black cherry, cheesecake, brownie; etc. You can choose from pre-made macaron combos or mix and match your own creation with their ice cream flavors. They also have a stone slab style ice cream with mix-ins, as well as frozen yogurt and shakes. This place is not to be missed! You will be hooked after one bite.


Where: 138 Avenue Atwater

Why: Nestled in-between a fish market and spice store in Little Italy’s Jean-Talon Market, you can easily miss this little gelato shop if it didn’t have its usual mile long queue in front. The cute hippie staff are really helpful and in courage you to sample a few flavors of gelato to see which you’d like. My personal favorites: The Pistachio and the Hazelnut gelato were out of this world. Other got to try flavors are the Masala Chai, Maple Crème Brûlée, Dark Chocolate, Espresso and Whisky Pear! You can fit 3 flavors into one cup. You can also request a custom made ice cream cake, perfect for those summer time birthdays. They even have a wide range of sorbets if gelato isn’t your thing. Is Jean-Talon Market too far for you? Havres-Aux-Glaces has a second location at the Atwater Market in St. Henri.


Where: 1651 Sainte- Catheine St W

Why: Yeh, yeh…I know this is a froyo place but it will beyond any doubt still quench your ice cream cravings. This Montreal frogurt staple has been popping up all around town these days with locations on St. Laurent, St. Catherines street, Monkland village and the newly opened locations in the West Island and Cavandish. What’s really unique and fun about this place is that it’s all self-serve! You grab a cup and then can create your very own frogurt dessert that you later weigh to determine the price point. Froyo flavors change and rotate every few weeks. Our personal favorites are the Cake Batter, Greek Yogurt, Coconut, Cookie Dough and of course the Original Tart flavor. Then comes the best part, adding all the toppings! From gummies to cereal and fruits to sweet chocolaty syrups, no froyo cup will be the same. If this doesn’t satisfy that sweet tooth craving, maybe our last spot will….


Crémerie Pineault

Where: 3307 Boulevard Saint- Martin Est Laval

Why: Now, the last one on our list is the famous Crémerie Pineault. You haven’t heard about it? Well, this place isn’t exactly on the island of Montreal. All 4 locations are outside Montreal with the closest one being in Laval, east on St. Martin Street just off the Pie-XI Autoroute. This place is absolutely worth the drive down to the burbs. What really makes this place stand out is that its operated and owned by Mr. Pineault, a man that has been, for many years, mastering the art of making soft serve ice cream but with a twist. He adds your favorite chocolate bars to the mix! With flavors like Skor, Coffee Crisp and Bounty (coconut chocolate bar) to name a few, there are endless combinations to be had. My personal favorites are the Kit Kat and Coffee Crisp combo and the Nutella and Raspberry combo. Is your chocolate bar not on the menu? No problem. Bring your very own bar and Pineault will make sweet delicious soft serve ice cream out of it just for you. Pretty awesome right? And if you don’t like chocolate bars (you need help…) there are tons of healthier options like mango, raspberry, blueberry and various other fruits and nuts.

What's your favorite ice cream spot in Montreal? Lets us know with your comments!

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