Top 5 Mexican Restaurants With $1 Taco Nights In Montreal

Because tacos should always be cheap.
Top 5 Mexican Restaurants With $1 Taco Nights In Montreal

Versatile and altogether delicious when made correctly, tacos are perhaps the most widely enjoyed Mexican dish, save for maybe burritos. And in Montreal, tacos are done quite well, with tons of unique spins on the iconic edible found throughout the city.

The only thing is, most Montreal taco vendors tend to be pretty pricey. Largely unseen are tacos for the eater on a budget, with thrazee tacos for upwards of $10 being something of a norm in the city. That isn't to say such tacos aren't good, but they can be more expensive than some are willing to spend.

Fortunately, there are more than a few places in Montreal where you can order a taco for only $1. Yes, one dollar tacos are a reality in Montreal, served at specific restaurants on certain days. Finding these taco specials can be a little difficult, but don't fret, because below you'll find a list of Montreal's best $1 taco nights.


7349 Saint Hubert

$1 Taco Night: Tuesdays & Wednesdays

Despite being small, the tacos at Azteca are huge on flavour, in no small part to the fresh cilantro, chopped onions, and lime that add a splash of flavour to every bite. Plenty of meaty-fillings are yours to choose from at Azteca, with the carnitas, chorizo, and al pastor being fan-favourites. The owners also let me know that vegetarian tacos are now offered at Azteca, giving all you veggie-only folks some $1 tacos to enjoy.


Don Taco

1855 Sainte-Catherine West

$1 Taco Night: Tuesdays

I've already spoken at-length as to how amazing the burritos at Don Taco are, but the tacos are no slouch either. Actually, the tacos may be even better. During their Tuesday special, only the dorado (filled with ground beef, lettuce, and cheese) variety are sold for $1, which is fine with me. A magical blend of spicy and zesty, which is complimented by the Mexican cheese and freshly made corn tortilla, the $1 dorado tacos are a steal.

And if you want to try out more of styles of tacos, don't fret, because all of Don Tacos other offerings are below the $2 price-range. Order up 5-6 dorados, compliment them with any others on the menu (the al pastor and fish tacos are sublime) and get ready to gorge.

Three Amigos

1621 Saint Denis + 1657 Saint Catherine W

$1 Taco Night: Sundays

Montreal's chain Mexican eatery, Three Amigos, may not be heralded as the best place to enjoy traditional Mexican cuisine, but you can't argue that the restaurant (which boasts six affiliated locations) isn't popular. That's no doubt due to Three Amigo's Sunday night taco special, when their street tacos are only a buck. Note, though, that only the Sainte Catherine and Saint Denis locations offer the $1 deal, so my heart goes out to the folks in Brossard, Boisbriand, and Laval.


Bonus: Cartel Street Food Bar

101 Avenue Fairmount W

$2 Taco Night: Tuesdays

Okay, so the reason why Cartel, the street food resto-bar on Fairmount, is listed as a "bonus" entrant into this list of dollar-taco nights is because their weekly special actually features $2 tacos. Yes, it's double the price, but in a city like Montreal where some places serve $4-$8 tacos, two bucks isn't a bad deal.

From 5pm to 11pm on Tuesdays, Cartel's deal puts every taco on the menu at $2, letting you try fried fish, braised pork, plantain and avocado, steak, and duck confit tacos at a fraction of the original price. Heads up: Taco Tuesdays at Cartel are first-come-first-serve, so don't think you can snag a reservation and gorge on tacos, be sure to arrive early-ish to get a table.


Super Taco

500a Belanger

$1 Taco Night: Wednesdays

Entirely unassuming, Super Taco (which is now what Impactaco is going by now, apparently) may not look like much from the outside, nor will the brightly-coloured plastic plates inspire feelings of confidence in the tiny eatery's dishes, but rest assured, this place serves serves some incredibly tasty tacos.

Served on warm, corn tortillas, every taco is freshly served and filled with an assortment of meaty options (vegetarians take note, there aren't really any no-meat options) that are all equally succulent. Wednesday is the day to head into Super Taco for their $1 taco night, but their regular special of 4 tacos for $6 is a solid deal, too.


Carlos & Pepe's

1420 Peel

$1 Taco Night: Sundays

Lets be blunt here, Carlos & Pepe's is a far-stretch from authentic Mexican food, but one shining feature of the Peel-street pub is their Sunday $1 taco night. Fun when you're with friends and not looking for anything out-of-this-world (and don't want to spend much), Carlos & Pepe's is the perfect venue.

C&P's $1 tacos come in beef, chili, chicken, or veggie, and you need to order at least three at a time. Not that you'll want any less. Served with rice (which is actually a rarity among dollar taco spots) a trio (or more) of Carlos & Pepe's tacos will set you right for the night. Throw in their $12 Sunday night pitcher special, and you're set.


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