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Best Montreal Barbershops

The best scissors and atmosphere the city has to offer your hair.

There’s something timeless about a barbershop. Not to mention it’s one of the original spots to bro out. No frills.Your barber sits you down in the same leather chair that’s been screwed to the floor since 1960, and cuts your hair exactly how you want it. No fancy diploma needed. Some even share a glass of whisky with you.

The art of the barbershop has not been lost in Montreal, just updated. Whether you’re looking for a classic cut or a stylish upgrade, these barbershops can hook you up.

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G&G Barbershop

28 des Pins E

G&G Barber Shop is an old school barbershop with modern swag. Located on Ave. des Pins, G&G is the perfect place to get your hair spruced up if you live in the Plateau. Not to mention you’ll be able to play GTA V while you wait for your haircut.

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Blue Dog Barbershop

3958 Saint-Laurent

The notable St. Laurent bar and venue recently got a sweet barber-addition when Dan Marin came and set up shop. Enjoy a whiskey and a fresh cut to look good when you come to Blue Dog later that night.

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Notorious Barbershop

4677 Notre Dame W

Corey Shapiro, owner of Vintage Frames (who has bespectacled the likes of Macklemore and Riff Raff), is the barber behind Notorious, the top tier of barberhop luxury in Montreal. Old-school vibes are mixed with straight up luxury, to the point that you can get a straight razor-shave, then have the razor itself melted down and turned into a chain. Actually.

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7244 Hutchison

Step into Don Draper’s shoes circa 1960s New York and go to Montallegro. Giovanni has been cutting hair at this old-fashioned joint for over 30 years and is always down to shoot the breeze. Montallegro is a classic barbershop with Italian charisma in Little Italy.

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Andies Barbershop

1245 Metcalfe

Andies is practically next door to Concordia and offers one of the best haircuts in the city. The minimalist décor and dark wood interior may be understated, but the focus is on the cut. You wont be disappointed.

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Fades 2 Brooklyn

1345 Mackay

Another great spot for Concordia students, Fades 2 Brooklyn is right across the street and will provide a fast cut at very affordable price. As the name suggests, you can get a good fade goin' here.

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Les Mecs Cheveux

212 Beaubien E

In the heart of Mile End, Les Mecs Cheveux is a modern man’s barbershop. With Whisky Thursday, Scotch Friday, and Brandy Saturday, it’s a classier experience than your average barbershop on the corner.

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Coiffeur Pierre

500 Sherbrooke W

Simple. Cheap. In-and-out. Coiffeur Pierre will give you the clean-cut look of an urban gentleman. For a barbershop right downtown on Sherbrooke, you can’t get a better deal – a haircut will only cost you $20 with a tip included. The best part: the barber uses a warm towel on your neck and a single blade razor to shave around your ears.

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Sometimes you walk in to a bike shop, needing a new something-or-other, and you just feel the need for a barber-quality shave. Ok, maybe that doesn't happen too often, but thanks to Brakeless the option is open. The Mile End bike boutique now has a barber's chair, so you can hook up your hair and your bike at the same time.

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Coifferie Paradiso

5283A Parc

A Mile End barbershop & hair salon combo with decor inspired by retro films of yore, Coifferie Paradiso will make any guy, gal, or kid feel like a classic film star. In line with their vintage Hollywood theme, you can even watch a classic film as you get your hair done, as movies are projected in-house each and every day. nothing beats a dose of film culture while you get a fresh new look, right? Right.

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Athen's Barber Shop

4376 St Laurent

If you really want to go old school, then Athen's is it. The ancient mechanical cash machine adds to the atmosphere, but it's the barber's, all veterans of the barber game, are what make this place authentic. Athen's has been at this for 75 years, so it's got a reputation you can trust.

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Crystal Cutz

12411 Rodolphe Forget

Making the classic into modern, Crystal Cutz is the sleek, stylized, and hip new-school kind of barbershop. The classic barber coulour-scheme and decor are remade to be much more stylish, and the place just exudes a swagger you want to feel when you're getting a cut or shave.

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Montreal Barber Shop

8695 Viau

This place is a cultural institution, and St. Leonard residents will know Montreal Barber Shop as the neighborhood barber. The shop has been at it for over 40 years, so they have some cred, and can do any hairdo from new to old.

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Co-written by Michael D'Alimonte, for more follow on Twitter @MDAlimonte

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