Top 5 Montreal Meals Under $5

Eating cheap never tasted so good.
Top 5 Montreal Meals Under $5

When it comes to living in the city, things can get pretty pricey, pretty quickly. Especially if you're like me and love to spend money on eating out. But as it turns out, you don't actually have to spend a fortune to treat yourself to some delicious culinary fare. Montreal has plenty of places that will let you eat on the cheap while still get some delicious food.

Here are the top 5 places to get a meal for under $5 in Montreal.  

1. Nilufar

1923 Saint Catherine O

At this Middle-Eastern joint all of the pitas are under $3, and when it comes to choosing what kind you want, there's no wrong way to go because they're all amazing. You can also add fries or soup, and drink to it for just $2 more.


2. Patati Patata

4177 Saint Laurent

The burgers at Patati Patata are a mere $2.75, which is an amazing steal. You could even get two of them and barely be blowing the $5 budget. They're solid burgers, and I'm sure knowing how much money you're saving will make them taste even better.


Photo Cred - akitchenforfriends

3. Pot Masson

3141 Masson E

This newly opened Montreal establishment has a $4.90 salmon tartare on their menu, which is an unbelievable deal. It also doesn't hurt that the tartare is incredibly fresh and tasty.


4. La Chilenita

100 Marie Ann O.

A delicious and authentic empanada at La Chilenita will cost you only $2.75. You can get them with both meat and veggies, so there's something for everyone.


Photo Cred - Cinko

5. Cinko

1614 Saint Denis

For $5 at Cinko you can get two delicious Caribbean Tacos made with pork, rice and guacamole. They're equal parts filling and oh so tasty - you'll be feeling like you're in the islands in no time.


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