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Top 5 Montreal Pick Up Spots

Maximize your luck so that you get to f....
Top 5 Montreal Pick Up Spots

Photo cred - Karel Chladek

As the summer days wind down and the cold air sets in, it's only natural to want to seek a fellow cuddling companion. Let's face it, summer was all about the temporary fling and frosh season was filled with easy one night standers with people whose names you'll never even remember. Montreal is over flowing with good looking guys and girls. Since asking a girl for her digits on the metro might scare her away, check out what we reckon to be the top and safest pick up spots in this beautiful city.

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1. Bar Bily Kun

Located in the Plateau, Bily Kun is filled with awesome people and good vibes. It's warm ambiance and original decor is hospitable and certainly invites interaction among those on the prowl.

2. Baldwin Barmacie

Right in the center of all the hype on Avenue Laurier, Baldwin's serves as a little taste of Soho. If you're looking to meet all kinds of people from professionals, to hipsters and locals whilst sipping on a variety of drinks from their creative menu, this bar won't disappoint.

3. Velvet

Cross between a lounge and an underground nightclub, Velvet, located in the Old Port is home to spectacular vibes, good beats and sexy people. Since this venue can get crowded and quite loud, you might not exactly find your future boyfriend/ girlfriend here, but you can certainly pick up a dancing partner for the evening- who might just want to join your after party.

4. Bar le Confessional

Located on rue McGill, Confessional is a tight space filled with tons of young people, good music and spectacular drinks. The bar's long shape forces guests to walk around, mingle, and get to know others.

5. Reggie's

For student's that are going through frosh withdrawal, Reggie's, located in Concordia's Hall building is packed with young people looking to meet others of their own kind. Hit up Reggie's on a Thursday night when beers are only $3 and students are both raging on the dance floor and mingling outside (it can get quite hot and sweaty in there).

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What'd you think of our list Montreal? Are there any other pick up spots that you think should be added to the list? Let us know in the comments below!

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