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Top 5 Montreal Places You Can Get The Craziest Ice Cream Sundaes This Summer

You just gotta eat 'em all.
Top 5 Montreal Places You Can Get The Craziest Ice Cream Sundaes This Summer

Ah, the ice cream sundae. When it comes to ice cream creations, there is truly nothing more classic, delicious, and reminiscent of childhood than a sundae. Whether you like them simple or a little more decadent, a sundae is always an all-around crowd pleaser.

However, not all sundaes are made equal, and this list proves that putting new twists on an old classic can have truly delicious results. So, if you're a fan of the plain old two-scoop vanilla with chocolate sauce, these creations will be way out of your comfort zone. But if you're looking to go all-out, satisfaction is just around the corner with these five extravagant sundaes.

1. "The Volcano" from Cacao 70

A photo posted by Jihyun Han (@hayley_lovu) on

1310 rue St. Catherine E | 2087 St. Catherine Street W | Multiple locations

Oh, where do I start with the incredible decadence and chocolate-infused everything at Cacao 70? This place specializes in all things dessert, and their ice cream concoctions are no exception. If you're a fan of chocolate-on-chocolate when it comes to sundaes, then the Volcano will satisfy all your wishes.

The great thing is, it doesn't end here: there are a variety of other ice cream creations, and the best of them is up for debate. I guess you'll just have to try them all.


2. Banana Split from Les Givres

A photo posted by Ollie S (@ollielolol) on

2740 Rue Masson

Let's be real - a Banana Split is the Beyonce of ice cream sundaes. Does it even fall into the sundae category? Or just reign supreme on its own? Either way, this list just wouldn't be complete without the most decadent of Banana Splits in Montreal, done in style by the ever popular Les Givres.

The deliciousness of this ice cream shop knows no bounds. And if they do just plain ice cream so well, their sundae creations just can't disappoint. Fans of the ever classic Banana Split will be beyond satisfied with the rich flavours, sauces and toppings at Les Givres.


3. The "Huge Bowl" from Juliette et Chocolat

A photo posted by Juliette & Chocolat (@juliette_chocolat) on

1626 Rue Sainte-Catherine | 3600 Boul St-Laurent | Multiple Locations

So, because I care for each and every sundae lover out there, I'm going to tell you exactly what is in this fantastical bowl of dreams pictured above. It features: bananas, vanilla ice cream, melted chocolate, homemade caramel fleur de sel sauce, peanuts, chunks of fudge brownie, whipped cream and more caramel sauce on top.

Have you started drooling yet? I know, I know. We've given lots of love to Juliette et Chocolat in the past, and at this point, this sweet Montreal restaurant chain is becoming a household name and a staple.

But its popularity exists for good reason - they carry desserts as incredible as this, for starters. My favourite part? They note that this bowl is "perfect to share (or not!)" - brave enough to say what all of us are thinking.


4. Any sundae from Cocktail Antabli

A photo posted by ?? (@fanayynayy) on

9254 Boulevard de l'Acadie

Any establishment that calls themselves a "dessert bar" is my kind of personal heaven. And that's exactly what Cocktail Antabli is - a restaurant that specializes in all kinds of desserts, namely those featuring tons of fruit and exotic flavours and toppings.

Of course, their sundaes are to die for. If you're a fan of more fruit-based or fruit flavoured ice creams, then Cocktail Antabli is your best bet.

They have quite the range when it comes to these types of flavours, and their fruit toppings are fresh as can be. If you'd like to avoid a chocolate-induced coma (something I'm all too familiar with), this place can provide some lighter, more inventive options.


5. Poutine Glacee from Cremerie Henri Bourassa

A photo posted by FromagerieLemaire (@fromagerielemaire) on

120 Boul Henri-Bourassa O

If your first reaction was sheer disgust at the thought of poutine in your ice cream, think again. I know the name sounds like a gross violation of Quebec's most treasured dish, but this ice cream sundae simply takes inspiration from the elements of poutine, not the actual ingredients.

The poutine glacee, made famous by Quebon not too long ago, is a mix of cookies (to replaces fries), marshmallows (in place of cheese curds), butterscotch sauce (instead of gravy), and vanilla ice cream as the base. Wow look at that, you've gone from horror to amazement in the span of 15 seconds.

This modest ice cream shop in Montreal's Ahuntsic serves up some pretty legitimate poutine glacee, and if there's any wild ice cream sundae you just need to try once in your life, this is it. Cremerie Henri Bourassa has all-around great ice cream, so it's the ideal spot to try this once-in-a-lifetime dessert. I mean, how awesome will it be to freak people out by telling them you ate a full-on ice cream poutine!? Even if it's not actually what it sounds like, the sheer joy of its existence is worth all the glory.


6. Sundae at Ben & Jerry's

A photo posted by eatdrinkmtl (@eatdrinkmtl) on

1316 Boulevard De Maisonneuve O | Multiple locations

Honestly, the sundae at Ben & Jerry's is straight-up delicious, mainly due to the fact that all the ice cream at this treasured ice cream spot is super fresh, super top quality, and just straight up super delicious.

You can basically construct your sundae by picking whichever flavour of their tasty ice cream that you want; they leave a little space in the middle of the ice cream scoops and fill it to the brim with drizzle; and then they top the whole delicious concoction with fluffy, dreamy whipped cream. Sounds amazing? Because you know it is.


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