Top 5 Montreal Places You Can Get The Craziest Milkshakes This Summer

Not your everyday drinkable dessert.

Oh, milkshakes. Creamy, dreamy, and highkey tasty,  I'm pretty sure that the milkshake is probably the most versatile - and tasty - drinkable dessert ever, end of story.

And I don't think I'm alone in that opinion. Lately, milkshakes have been getting more and more awesome, evolving from basic drinks to legit experiences. While you might not think it's super easy to get a crazy milkshake in Montreal, there are a few awesome spots in the city that have tasty, fun milkshakes for all to enjoy. (Also, there's a Kelis pun here somewhere, but I'm not even going to go there).

1. Mason Jar Milkshakes At C'ChôColat

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1255 Rue Bishop

Three words: Oh. My. God. I wish I could describe to you the level of pure, unfiltered excitement you feel when eating/drinking/admiring one of these milkshakes. But the truth is that there are no words to describe it, guys.

Other than being incredibly tasty, these milkshakes will totally bring all the boys to the yard (sorry guys, I had to do it). Each one of these jars of happiness come equipped with a base of milkshake, and then topped with some seriously awesome things. Depending on the flavour you get (they've got red velvet, green tea matcha, chocolate, and Nutella-Banana flavours), each jar comes equipped with its own out-of-this-world toppings.

On top of the chocolate "Golden Ticket" flavour, for example? M&Ms, jubjubs, liquorice, cotton candy, and a whole lot more.


2. Cookies 'N Cream Shake At Deville Dinerbar

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1425 Rue Stanley

Where my cookie lovers at? If you're a lover of that classic cookies 'n cream flavour, then you've got to head to Deville Dinerbar to try out their Cookies Shake, made with Chips Ahoy chocolate chip cookies, vanilla ice cream, malt powder, and a whole lot of awesome.

If cookies and cream isn't your thing, though, then no worries. Deville has a variety of milkshakes for you to choose from, like a toasted marshmallow variety, for example, and a banana split one. Although they're all presented with tons of fun and flair, each one has its own distinct quality of awesome, so no matter what you pick, you're in for an awesome time.


3. Milkshake At Suite 88

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1225 Boulevard de Maisonneuve O

The milkshakes at this Downtown Montreal chocolatier are super awesome, mainly because you get to basically customize the whole thing.

Well, maybe not the whole thing. Each milkshake comes with a base of milk and a dollop of whip cream on top; but you get to pick whichever gelato you want. And with Suite 88's gelato flavours including ginger, chocolate banana, and cinnamon-chili, you know you're in for one a flavour trip like no other.


4. Raspberry-Nutella Milkshake At L'Avenue

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922 Avenue du Mont-Royal E

If Nutella is bae, then raspberry-Nutella milkshakes are something beyond bae. They're ultra bae, especially if you're slurping on the one from Montreal's L'Avenue Restaurant.

Featuring cream, heaps of Nutella and fresh raspberry, ice cream, and a dollop of homemade whip cream on top to tie the whole thing together, this milkshake is crazy good. If the incredibly tasty raspberry-Nutella milkshake isn't your jam, though? No worries. L'Avenue's menu features tons of different milkshakes for you to choose from, each one of them crazy delicious in their own unique way.


5. Marshmallow Milkshake At M:Brgr

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2025 Rue Drummond

What's up, milkshake heaven? M:Brgr has tons of milkshakes for you to choose from, making it a prime spot to get your milkshake fix... And although they're all awesome in their own way, the craziest one is probably their marshmallow milkshake.

For a super fair price, you get a base of creamy milk and dreamy marshmallows, whipped together and topped off with a few more marshmallows, to make for one seriously sweet experience. If that doesn't float your milkshake boat, though, it's all good. They've got cotton candy, vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry/mango flavours for you to pick, too - among many others, including ones spiked with a little bit of alcohol (!!).


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