Top 5 Photography Tips For Instagram Enthusiasts

Baby steps for becoming a pro.
Top 5 Photography Tips For Instagram Enthusiasts

Nowadays, with the invention of the digital camera, taking a picture has never been easier. But taking a good picture - that requires a certain level of skill. Now, while you might not have any aspirations of becoming a professional photographer, you do probably snap your fair share of pics and I;m betting you wouldn't mind a few more likes when you post them.

So, whether you're going for the minimalist look, a top-down foodie shot, stunning nature landscapes, or the bright twinkle of city lights, see what 5 leading Instagramers are doing with Canon cameras and how they're doing it with #SHOOTITYOURSELF.

Without getting too much into the science behind photography, here are a few basics to get you started:

1. Composition over filters

Don't get me wrong, filters are fun, and a great way to give your photos a specific look or feel, but before you apply that fancy finish, you need a solid structure underneath to carry it properly. It might take you an extra 30 seconds to line up your subject, or nail that perfect angle, but the G Series cameras' large sensors and bright apertures make capturing the finest details or adding an atmospheric background blur a breeze.

2. Shoot in landscape

If you're not shooting someone's portrait or any other subject where you're trying to emphasize a vertical aspect, landscape format is definitely the way to go. You'll have more room to add depth to your photo, plus social media in general favours the landscape format. Pack on a wide-angle lens when shooting with the EOS M3 to capture epic shots that grasp every sight you see.

3. Point of view

The most visually-appealing photos you see on your feed generally don't happen by accident. It takes the right location, proper positioning and a unique point of view. to bring to life and properly convey the image you see in your mind. That means getting into those tight spots, or putting yourself in awkward angles, all in the name of the perfect shot! Canon G series and EOS M3 cameras are equipped with touch screens that tilt up and down, and in some cases all-around, making it easy to get that tricky p.o.v.

4. Don't use Instagram to take photos

Instagram is a lot of things, but it is not a camera. If you really want to shoot quality photos, consider getting yourself a quality, ultra-portable camera to really capture the details your looking for. An all-in-one compact like the Canons G series or an EOS M3 mirrorless are great places to start. Not only are they small enough to take anywhere, they have built-in Wi-Fi and NFC capabilities to help you instantly share your shots with your devoted followers.

5. Lighting

This is the most crucial component of photography and is the #1 difference between a mediocre picture and the eye-catching image you see in your mind. Always figure out the best lighting possible before hitting that shutter button. For the times when you can't control the lighting, cameras like the Canons G series and EOS M3 mirrorless are clutch for low-light captures, so you are free to shoot anywhere and anytime.

Like anything, taking good photographs takes practice before mastering your style. If you've ever wondered how your favourite Instagrammers do what they do and get thousands and thousands of followers, you are not alone. So how about getting tips straight from the source?

Check out the #SHOOTITYOURSELF website to learn first-hand exactly how the pros do what they do.