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Top 5 Restaurants With $5 Menus You Gotta Try In Montreal

Happy stomach, happy wallet.
Top 5 Restaurants With $5 Menus You Gotta Try In Montreal

No lie, guys, living that foodie life is not cheap. Sometimes, you want great food, but you just can't sacrifice those hard-earned dollars. What is someone who loves eating out to do in such a situation?

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Well, don't worry. Montreal is pretty much a hub of  awesome food, and when that awesome food mixes with awesome prices - well, beautiful things happen. And when fantastic restaurants decide to serve up their food for $5 a dish? Well, friends, that's just pure magic.

1. Cinko

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1641 Rue Saint-Denis

This spot is all about the variety. They've got a hugely extensive menu, with things like nachos, vegetarian chili, Portuguese chicken, and gravlax salad; and they've also got different price variations, too. So, for $5, $7, or $9, you can feast like a champ.


2. L'Entrepot

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1019 Avenue du Mont-Royal E

Possibly one of the most famous $5 Montreal restaurants, this Plateau eatery serves up mindblowing dishes for an incredibly fair $5 bill. At this incredible spot, the menu features perogies, poutine, tacos, and much, much more.


3. Pot Masson

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3141 Rue Masson

Is Pot Masson life? I can't make that decision for you, friend. But what I can tell you is that they offer up some seriously cool drinks (like their drink served up with a cloud of cotton candy and a straight-up full sized Mr. Freeze), and with the purchase of any of their awesome drinks, their tasty food items are all offered at $5.


4. Depot 74

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6390 Rue St-Hubert

The cool thing about this Rosemont eatery? Basically everything is offered at $5.95, with a discount of 10% if you're a student. So you can go right ahead and indulge on any one of their tasty dishes - like their tuna melt, Italian sausage burger, or classic pouting - for an (almost) non-existent price.


5. Nilufar

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1923 Rue Sainte-Catherine

Although not technically a restaurant with a fixed $5 menu, like other spots in this list, Nilufar offers up some of the tastiest falafels in the city... and for well, well under $5.


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