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Top 5 Safest Places In Montreal To Get Your Very First Piercing Or Tattoo

Sit back and relax you're in good hands.

We are all very nervous when it comes to getting our first piercings or tattoos, I know I was! And we always want to make sure that for the first time, and second, that we go to the most credible places in Montreal.

Well, it isn't always easy to find them since all piercings are ALWAYS prone to infections. So, even if you go to the best place there is no guarantee. But it is always best to go to the best since there is a less chance of infection. And well when you are getting a tattoo, you always want to go to the best because it's on your body forever.

So, I have decided to help you first timers, or second timers, out by creating a list of Montreal best and safest tattoo and piercing shops! I am not promising that you won't get an infection since everyone's body is different but I am promising a great experience!

1. Tatouage Dahlia

A photo posted by Bria Brown (@briamfbrown) on

7575 Boulevard Newman

This is where I have got all my piercings! I strongly suggest not paying extra for the titanium earrings since, based on my personal experience, they rusted and left small bubbles on my wound until I changed them to the regular earrings.

I have to say that the service is great! The people are absolutely hysterical and tried to convince my boyfriend to get his nipple pierced. It was all laughs but they took things very seriously when getting down to piercing. They use sterilized equipment that is open and then thrown out right after.

And their tattoo artists are absolutely amazing! With most artists the waiting list is close to a year for how great they are! So don't miss out! I trusted them with my firsts and so should you!


2. Adrenaline Montreal

A photo posted by AdrenalineMontreal (@adrenalinemontreal) on

1541 Sherbrooke Street West & 1000 Blvd St Jean #40 Pointe Claire

For a diverse variety of body jewelry, hit up Adrenaline! It's another great place for your first piercings. Their website offers all the information you want and need to know about piercings and tattoos! Adrenaline is actually considered to be one of the most hygienic and sterile piercing and tattoo shops in Canada!

Similar to Dahlia, all needles are have a single use and are pre-sterilized or sterilized on site. They have great portfolios for those getting tattoos and they truly cater to your needs! So feel that rush of SAFE adrenaline as you are getting pierced or tattooed.


3. Saving Grace Tattoo

A photo posted by Saving Grace Tattoo, Montreal. (@savinggracetattoo_ndg) on

5629 rue Sherbrooke Ouest

Saving Grace Tattoo was established in 2009 and supplies custom designs for your tattoo needs! This is strictly a tattoo shop that accepts everyone's style. They have a difference environment than most tattoo shops and you can recognize that right away.

Ever since 2009, they have been considered one of Montreal’s premier tattoo parlours. They are apart of the NDG community that supplies hospitality to all its guests whether new or old!

So, if you want that great custom tattoo in a safe relaxed environment, be sure to check them out! To quote from their website "expect nothing less".


4. Tattoo Box Montreal

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155 Ave des Pins E

When I was looking to get my first tattoo, I immediately asked some the teachers from the yoga studio I go to. Most of them got their tattoos at Tattoo Box Montreal! And when I say that they are beautiful I mean it! The lines were so accurate and all the complex designs were perfect!

They supply a walk through of all sterilization processes and they price by the hour. They are a very busy tattoo shop so I recommend making an appointment in advance. It's a great place to go for your first tattoo especially since they allow parental consent to those 15 year olds.


5. Tattoo Lounge MTL

A photo posted by JP "Grim" Denis (@jptattooartist) on

Tattoo Lounge MTL operates as both a tattoo and piercing studio, so if you want to kill two birds with one stone it's the place to go! With regards to their tattoos, they understand how important it is to you and treat you and your tattoo with great care. Most customers have been going there forever but they are glad to open their doors to the newbies! So once you start there, you won't stop!

Their piercers are precise and ready for those squirmy customers who are very nervous. So if you are looking for that first piercing, head our to Tattoo Lounge MTL to sit back and relax. Your comfort is their priority. So get ready to get well, stabbed in the ear or nose with the most amount of comfort you could get!

Montreal is home to some of the best tattoo artists and safest piercers in all of Canada so don't be shy and don't be scared to get with the growing fashion of tattoos and piercings.


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