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Best Montreal Student Coffee Spots

Screw the library, study at these instead.
Best Montreal Student Coffee Spots

It’s that time of year again. Students everywhere are headed back to school, faced with endless exams and inevitable all-nighters. The need for a study space is key, but that's sometimes not available, or practical in campus libraries (think, exams and smelly people). Luckily, students here have the opportunity to be productive elsewhere, thanks to Montreal’s extensive collection of coffee spots. A good café (as an alternative to the library) should provide patrons with free WIFI, a comfortable environment, and a good cup of coffee.

Here, we provide a list of the top 5 coffee spots (that aren’t Starbucks) for students in Montreal who need to get down to business.

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1. Salon de Chai Thé lounge (3506 Ave du Parc)

Chai Thé Lounge is the newest addition to the McGill ghetto, and you can tell – from the comfortable new benches to the overall cleanliness of the place. It’s a great place for McGill students, because chances are you live around the corner. But there’s also free WIFI, a lot of table space, and plenty of power outlets. Try their tea and their macaroons while you’re there and it’ll be a good study day.

2. Kitsuné Espresso Bar (19 Prince Arthur St.)

If you’re looking for a really solid cup of coffee or espresso, Kisuné is the place to go. And with some of the largest and spacious tables I’ve ever seen in a café, it makes this coffee spot one of the best study locations, complete with free WIFI and a place to park your bike.

3. La Petite Cuillière (3603 St. Denis)

La Petite Cullière is indeed petite, but its home-y/relaxed vibe makes it worth waiting for to find a spot (especially the one by the window with all the fun pillows). It’s a quirky place, complete with Mason jar glasses and a location in the Plateau, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t provide free WIFI and practical tables to study on.

4. Cafe Bistro El Mundo (3500 Ave du Parc)

A favourite amongst McGill students, El Mundo is packed with people on every day of the week. It’s a cozy place, which means you may not always find a table, but that just provides more motivation to get up early. It also has a great selection of salads and sandwiches to help pass the time by (and you might be there awhile – it’s open late).

5. Kafein (1429 Rue Bishop)

Although this place turns into a bar/lounge at night, Kafein provides a great space for students to study in the day. Across the street from Concordia, this café is the perfect spot to stumble on over to between classes. Finish up your study day by sticking around for happy hour and enjoy a drink or two.

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