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Top 5 Things Women Really Want Their Men To Know But Will Never Tell Them

You know you're curious.
Top 5 Things Women Really Want Their Men To Know But Will Never Tell Them

Communication with men isn't always the easiest of things and as us women know. Women's minds are riddled full of things that they are dying to talk to men about but just never will. Even though women are known to be very open and extremely talkative creatures in comparison with men you will be surprised to know that men aren't the only ones with things to hide, and in fact there are still so much that women leave unspoken.

With all these little needs racing around in our heads it can become frustrating  for us women and the only thing we soon want is for them to be fulfilled, answered or respected.

Let's be honest, and as a women I can say this, but women are slightly complicated at times. So, below I have listed a couple of secret's that I hope will help you men truly understand the lady of your life.

1. Women are afraid that their man will be attracted by other women more

This hidden phobia can even go to the extent to drive some women jealous and insecure. The truth is, even when it is less obviously we can be insanely worried that the man in our life will be more attracted by other women that may pass in their daily routine, such as coworkers or female friends. The reason for it is quite simple, we all want to have something that we can`t have. So women are afraid that their man`s heart may be stolen or even he will start fantasizing about another woman.

2. Women want men to take initiative

Believe it or not we don't like to take control, and plan and decide things all of the time. Unfortunately we will never really tell you when we want you to do this, but we love it when you have taken on charge an important or difficult task or even surprised us. To us when men do this it means that the man is involved, is caring and attentive. So guys do it more often, whatever it may be it will be appreciated. Go and finish that to do list or go and buy the groceries, prepare dinner or plan your next holiday together.

3. Women want their man's friends to like them

We may not openly admit this but knowing that a man's friends are very important to him, we want them to like us. Firstly so life is so much easier, as it helps avoid unnecessary conflict and arguing. Also because having a good relationships means they will sympathetic when your partner discusses couple issues with them, hopefully affecting their decision. And secondly as a sign for our love and respect of our man for who he is.

4. Women are really good at reading body language

This could be almost considered a secret gift of ours, we analyse every little thing in other people and especially in our partner. This strength though can drives us crazy, because as we notice a change in a man's normal behavior it starts to get on our mind even if we are not quite sure exactly what it is. Something important to consider in these circumstances is, if we are suspicious of something the little of things will upset us, such as spending more time with out us.

5. Women like to be surprised more often

Let's be honest who doesn't love a surprise, OK there are a couple few, but in general women love it. Therefore we often find ourselves dreaming for our man to surprise us. A surprise makes us feel special and that our man cares enough to go that extra mile. Now where men go wrong, is that they think we want expensive gifts but it couldn't be any further than the truth. Even simple in expensive things, like our favorite cake for dessert or a note left in a special place to find would make us so happy. It really doesn't even have to be difficult, just be thoughtful and considerate to your lady and you will soon be rewarded.

So men please take note, surprise your women now and then, be careful of your body language, make an effort to introduce your friends, take initiative and of course be real. Oh and by the way for your information guys, not all girls are big fans of pictures of yours private parts.

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