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Top 5 Weekend Getaways 1 Hour From Montreal

Fun to be had not far away.
Top 5 Weekend Getaways 1 Hour From Montreal

Are you looking for a road trip but you don't feel like wasting half the weekend driving?

Well, what you need is a quick getaway instead. 

Luckily, there's a lot of great places you can drive to near Montreal, and you can reach them in less than a couple of hours.

You probably won't even need to make a pit-stop.

Photo cred - highfallsparkcampground

1. High Falls Park Campground

1.5 hours

This place has everything!

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2. Giant Corn Maze

1.5 hours

Ever wanted to recreate that final scene from The Shining minus the while murder thing? Well we may not have a hedge maze nearby, but we do have 2 awesome giant corn mazes!

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Photo cred - tripadvisor

3. The Wine Route

1.3 hours

Come one, do I really need to convince you to check this activity out? You can tour The Wine Route and you can also visit Quebec’s two oldest established vineyards.

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4. The Cheese Tour

30 minutes

What's the point of a wine tour without cheese? The beauty is that no matter where you are, you're next to a cheese maker. There are over 100 in the area so you might need more than a weekend to get to all of them.

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5. Quebec's Lavender Fields

1.6 hours

Not only is this place gorgeous, it offers a ton of activities from June to September. There's wine tasting, massage therapy, yoga retreats, food festivals, art, cruises, music and even family weekends

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