Top 7 Cute Montreal Places To Take Your BFF For High Tea

The classiest way to spend the day.

For a tea lover, there's no better experience than high tea. Okay, well, that's a bit of a blanket statement - but with its tasty finger foods, posh feel, and hot cups of awesome tea, could you really ask for anything else?

Yes, actually: To enjoy the afternoon tea experience with your BFF. High tea and besteas go together like scones and jam, and thankfully, Montreal is full of fantastic places to get your high tea on.

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1. Cardinal

5326 Boul St-Laurent

Honestly, Cardinal offers some of the tastiest tea in the city, and some of the most delectable finger foods around (major points for their deliciously flaky Eccles cake, and their savoury, sharp smoked trout sandwich).

But what really makes this spot stand out? Its amazing atmosphere. Part eclectic, part vintage, featuring leather sofas, a beautiful chandelier, and a piano man, there's nothing about Cardinal that isn't incredibly unique and welcoming, and an all-around awesome spot to catch up with your BFF over a steaming hot, tasty pot of tea.


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2. Bar A Beurre

350 Rue Notre-Dame E

While it's true that Bar A Beurre is primarily a bakery - and a super good one at that, featuring some of the most delicious cupcakes you'll ever taste - they also happen to have one seriously awesome high tea situation.

Firstly, the actual tea here is out of this world. Super delicate and tasty, served up piping hot, there's no way you and your BFF won't enjoy bonding over a pot of Bar A Beurre's finest. Not only do they serve up awesome tea, though, but the accompanying food - deliciously sweet desserts (including their mind-blowing cupcakes) and fresh, tasty sandwiches - is out of this world as well.


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3. Le Parloir

4354 Ave Christophe-Colomb

Searching for a cozy, unpretentious place to enjoy traditional high tea finger foods and some legit, high-quality tea? Well, stop the search. Le Paroloir is here to save the day.

First of all, this spot is seriously gorgeous; flowers and marble tabletops help give Le Parloir an ultra warm and welcoming vibe, which makes it perfect for that BFF friend date you've been dying to go on.

Honestly, though, the tea here is awesome; and the food? Out of this world. Their scones (especially their tart, yummy cherry scones) are the real star of the show, though, being perfectly crumbly, dense, and all-around delicious.


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4. Gryphon D'Or

5968 Av de Monkland

Straight-up, Gryphon D'Or is a super popular NDG spot, known for its awesome brunches (featuring things like challah bread French toast stuffed with strawberry sauce, sweet cream, strawberries, and whipped cream) and even better afternoon tea.

With piping hot cups of high-quality loose teas and some fresh, tasty, homemade food options (like fresh scones served with sweet cream and peach whiskey marmalade, lemon squares, and cucumber sandwiches), this is one seriously awesome place to bond with your BFF.


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5. Ritz Carlton

1228 Rue Sherbrooke O

At this stage in the game, the Ritz Carlton is pretty much synonymous with awesome high tea in Montreal.

Its popularity is super well-earned, though: They do afternoon tea perfectly, to the tea. Offering a comfortable and classy atmosphere, and high-quality teas and finger foods, this is pretty much the perfect place for you and your BFF to sit back, relax, and indulge in some seriously awesome high tea.


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6. Birks Café

10 Place Phillips

If your cup of tea is an upscale high tea experience, then Birks is the place for you. Honestly, grabbing some afternoon tea here will totally make you feel like royaltea, and not just because it's located right inside of the high-class Birks jewellery store.

The afternoon tea menu at Birks is actually amazing, featuring smoked salmon and caviar, foie gras and chutney, and cucumber and shrimp canapes, homemade jam, and high-quality, delectable teas, all for less than $30 a person.

Wrap that together with their awesome service and classy-yet-welcoming vibe, and you've got yourself your brand new fave.


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7. Le Montrealais

900 Rene Levesque Blvd

Located right in Montreal's famous Fairmont The Queen Elizabeth Hotel, Le Montrealais Bistro-Bar consistently serves up fresh, tasty, and upscale meals. And their afternoon tea? Equally awesome.

They've got a wide variety of delicious, high quality teas and gastronomic accompaniments, of course, all for the super fair price of $26. But for about $10 more, you can enjoy all of this, plus a flute of champagne.

So if you and your bestie have something to celebrate - a promotion, graduation, or, hey, even your awesome friendship - then you know exactly where you need to go.


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