Top 8 Markets Where You Can Get Cheap Fresh Fruits In Montreal

Healthy, tasty, and inexpensive.

If your groceries consist of mainly fruits and vegetables, then you know one thing: vegetation can get super expensive. I know the struggle, friends, trust. After moving out on my own, I learned the hard way just how expensive proper groceries truly are.

What I also learned, though, was exactly where to go in order to save a buck or two on that weekly fruit and veg haul. If you're curious to know what I'm talking about, then no worries. I've got your back.

1. Fruiterie Dollard

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1583 Av Dollard

Located in Lasalle, Fruiterie Dollard might be a bit out of the way for some of us. But trust me on this one: it's super worth the travel time.

Not only does Fruiterie Dollard feature a huge selection of incredibly fresh, tasty fruits and vegetables - and other grocery items, too - but everything here is incredibly fairly priced. So, stock up on as many tasty, healthy food as you want, and give your wallet a break while you're doing it.


2. Jean-Talon Market

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7070 Avenue Henri Julien

You know sometimes, when you get super stressed, you just have to chill for a minute and think of your happy place? Well, this is it for me. Jean-Talon Market is totally my happy place.

I honestly don't know what it is about this place that makes me love it so much, but this charming outdoor market is the perfect combination of fun, quality, and price. Not only does the Jean-Talon Market have tons of fruit stands, all offering tons of fruit for super low prices (like, for example, a whole basket of oranges for $4), but it's also a hub of restaurants, cafes, bars, and other fantastic things that are guaranteed to brighten up your day.


3. Fruiterie Vert Pomme

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4324 Wellington

Real talk, Verdun is one of my favourite boroughs. Not only are there tons of awesome things to experience and awesome places to go, but Verdun is also home to one of my favourite places to buy inexpensive produce.

With tons of fruits, vegetables, cheeses, and other groceries, plus tons of weekly specials - usually advertised outside of the shop - this place is an absolute winner if you're in the market for saving on fresh, tasty fruit and veggies.


4. Supermarche PA

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1420 Rue du Fort

At this stage in the game, I'm sure we all know about PA. Notorious for being super cheap, yet offering super high-quality food, PA has been a favourite of Montrealers pretty much forever.

You might be a bit skeptical to believe that such a pure, good thing exists in the world... But, trust me, friends, this spot is as awesome as it sounds, and it deserves all the hype it gets. Next time you're craving some seriously fresh fruits and veggies, but aren't down to make your wallet cry, you know exactly where to go.


5. Atwater Market

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138 Avenue Atwater

A vibrant mixture of merchants, restaurants, fromageries, and much more, Atwater Market is pretty much the place to go to during the summer in Montreal's Sud-Ouest.

Not only is this spot bustling with life, but many of the merchants here also sell their fresh, tasty, locally-grown produce for super cheap. So go right ahead and stock up on all the veggies you want, it ain't no skin off your bank account.


6. Citron Que C'est Bon

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61 Rue Fleury O

Citron Que C'est Bon is an adorable fruit shop located in Montreal's Ahuntsic; and although it might be a bit tucked away for some of us, the fresh produce here really can't be beat - so it's totally worth the trek.

Not only does Citron Que C'est Bon sell delicious, crisp fruits and veggies, but the prices here are incredibly decent. Even with their already low prices, though, they also often offer some super fair specials - so you can save even more money if you give their specials a look-through.


7. Fruiterie Mile-End

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5686 Av Du Parc

With a rich variety of fresh, vibrant, tasty fruits and veggies - as well as various dry goods and other grocery options - for cheap, this is pretty much the perfect place to get your healthy summer vibe on.

Bonus points for having a super beautiful and inviting display of inexpensive fruits right on the outside of the shop, and for offering some of the most knowledgable and friendly service around, bar none.


8. Fruiterie Papaye Et Mangue

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3429 Rue Ontario E

Located right on Ontario Street, as part of Hochelaga's Promenade Ontario, Fruiterie Papaye Et Mangue offers fruit, vegetables, and other various grocery items at unparalleled prices.

Not only that, but the food here is always super tasty and fresh, and they typically have a hugely varied selection of delicious, fresh fruits and vegetables for you to pick from. Summer of fresh fruit, here we come!


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