Best Montreal Butcher Shops

Here is where to get your meat.
Best Montreal Butcher Shops

Having a good butcher is essential to all meat-eaters. Not only do butchers provide better quality meats than what you'd get prepackaged at a grocery store, there's also that quaint and cute quality that comes from visiting your local butcher. If you don't have a go-to butcher yet, we've fashioned a list of some of the best butchers Montreal has to offer. Check 'em out.

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Atwater Market owns it when it comes to butchers. Jean Talon is great for cheese, but Atwater owns the butcher scene, with two great shops to get your meat. Boucherier de Tours is famous for French cuts and very enticing specialty products. Boucherie A. Belager et Fils has been around for over 90 years, and with a reputation among even the best chefs, you know its got good stuff.Family-run and friendly, Chez Vito is Mile End's best butcher shop. Pre-marinated steaks and homemade sausages, along with anything else you may need, are all available. So is some solid coffee if you need a quick pick me up while gabbing your meats.Super cheap and delicious, Boucherie de Paris is perfect for students, and everyone else. Along with a full butcher counter, Boucherie de Paris has delicious sandwiches and imported French products, all at very fair prices.A frontrunner in the "who has the best smoked meat" debate, Quebec Smoked Meat is fast, affordable, and also boasts what some claim as the best brisket in the city. Grab a smoked meat sandwich with Polish mustard and see if Quebec Smoked Meat can hold its own against Schwartz's.You can get sandwiches at almost any butcher, but where can you get a bag of ribs to go ad ready to eat on the fly? Well, at Boucherie Lawrence, which serves a big bag of ribs for $12, a loaf of sourdough bread included. Accessible and serving locally raised animal, as well as all other products from local producers, Bouchereri Lawrence is the modern local meat shop.Technically PA is a supermarket, and not solely a butcher, but they do have a butcher counter, and no one can argue against the amazing deals PA offers on everything in the store. A one stop shop for fresh and cheap produce, dairy, and meats, PA does it all.Get some great Alberta steaks at Charuterie Fairmount, along with amazing bacon and anything meat-related. The dried sausages in the window add to the atmosphere of this local butcher with friendly staff and great products.From basics to specialty cuts, Boucherie AGA has a huge selection of meats. You'll be able to find any cut you're looking for, along with an array of specialty products, such as Sarullo extra virgin olive oil imported straight from Italy.

Atwater Market: Boucherie de Tours + Boucherie A. Belanger et Fils

Chez Vito

Boucherie de Paris

Quebec Smoked Meat

Boucherie Lawrence

Supermarché PA

Charcuterie Fairmount

Boucherie AGA

Did your favourite butcher make the list, or was it left out? Either way, tell us so in the comments below.

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