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Top 8 Montreal-Made Christmas Gifts For Her

Christmas shopping just got a whole lost easier.
Top 8 Montreal-Made Christmas Gifts For Her

It's that time of year, Christmas is just around the corner. If you haven't already purchased a gift for that special girl in your life, whether it be your girlfriend, your mom, your sister or your best friend, don't worry, because we've got you covered. Finding a gift within so little time can be stressful and overbearing. Despite what many think, shopping online and taking day trips to off the map outlet stores is very unnecessary. When it comes to providing a full range of services and artisanal products, Montreal is packed with variety.

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If she loves Igloofest like most Montrealers, she'll go crazy over an Igloopasse. Valid for 12 whole nights, an Igloopasse will guarantee her to start this year off with a month long of partying. Located at 4523 Rue St. Denis, Igloofest now has its very own Iglooboutique which opened its doors for ticket sales yesterday and will provide its services until the very end of the festival. Visit their store to learn more, or explore their website.

The Ultimate Tea Collection by David's Tea

Ladies love tea. And no one knows tea better than David. With over 10 locations in Montreal, you definitely won't have a hard time getting your hands on one of these. The ultimate tea collection includes 8 teas and infusions, 50 tea filters and a special tea spoon. The all in one package is perfect and bound to last the entire winter. Visit David's Tea to get sippin'.

Cooking Classes with Appetite for Books

Worried that another gift for that special girl will just find its way to the back of her closet along with the millions of other things she has? This Christmas, buy her the opportunity to learn a skill she'll use for the rest of her life. Appetite for Books, located at 388 Avenue Victoria offers all sorts of classes such as "knife skills", "Japanese soul cooking" and many more, all of which are based on famous cook books that are included with each course. Learn more about the cooking classes that are offered with Appetite for Books here.

Barbarella Spa Gift Certificate

Located at 2063 St. Denis, Barbarella is growing to become the number one spa in Montreal. The trendy little shop offers services such as spray tans, waxing, manicures and pedicures. Barbarella's specialty features insanely creative nail artists who can create just about anything you can imagine! Visit Barbarella Spa to get your nails done up.

Moksha Yoga Month Long Membership

As a means for getting fit, extinguishing her worries and becoming inspired, hot yoga is the perfect solution for any girl. Moksha Yoga, located at 3863 Boulevard Saint- Laurent, offers month long memberships to existing yogis as well as new comers. Let her find her inner calm by learning how to detoxify her body with Moksha Yoga. Learn more about membership deals here.

A Dinner at Deville

Any girl who walks into Deville Dinerbar will quickly fall in love with its chic diner- like decor and pink painted walls. Along with its appealing ambiance, Deville has quite the menu. Treat her to a classic Deville burger, followed by an "Old Rumple Eye", a naughty milkshake which includes oreo cookies, amarula, mint and vanilla ice cream. Learn more about Deville Dinerbar and their specialties at their restaurant which is located at 1425 Rue Stanley, or via their website, here.

The Lost City's Hunter Hand Crew Neck

This witchy crew neck sweater features a truly unique style and is perfect for letting her stay warm this winter. The sweater's design and printing are 100% artisanal, and is produced right here in Montreal. The Lost City's collection also includes other creative looks and original concept designs. Visit The Lost City to shop and learn more.

A Glossy Box Subscription

For only a small yearly fee, Glossy Box will send 5 surprise sample beauty products right to her door step. Although Glossy Box is available to consumers world wide, its concept was coined right here in North America. Luxury brands featured in the Glossy Box package include Essie, Estee Lauder, Burberry Beauty and more. Learn more about Glossy Box subscriptions here.

What will you be getting for her this Christmas? Let us know with your comments!

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