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Top 8 Montreal-Made Christmas Gifts for Him

Christmas shopping just got a whole lot easier
Top 8 Montreal-Made Christmas Gifts for Him

Christmas is fast approaching. With that being said, finding the perfect gift for him, whether it be your boyfriend, husband, son, brother or best friend, can be very simple, or the complete opposite. If you're a woman shopping for a man, it can be especially difficult to cater to the tastes of the opposite gender. Nonetheless, Christmas is just around the corner, and that means it's time for you to get shopping! Montreal is packed with a variety of homegrown products and services, so the perfect gift might just be a block's walk away!

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Habs Hockey Tickets

If he's a hockey fan, there's no doubt that a pair of tickets to go see his favorite team will put a smile on his face. Tickets to see the Habs destroy the Ottawa Senators at the Bell Centre on January 4th are still available. This Christmas, give him the gift of Hockey!

A Week Long of CrossFit

CrossFit is growing to become one of the biggest and best workout programs in Montreal. Give your man the means for getting fit this new year and let him have a blast whilst doing so. Plus, you'll both love his new and improved body. Visit CrossFit's website to learn more about the program, and its various membership options.

Grill Master Gift Basket

Okay, so we know that summer is nowhere near, but this barbecue tool gift basket is more perfect than anything. This stainless steal set includes a grill brush, fork, spatula, gourmet chips and much more. His anticipation in putting this set to use will make summer approach a whole lot quicker. Located at 1150 Beaulac, Pellat Cornucopia has several other genius gift baskets as well. Visit their website to learn more about their products.


Yes, we mentioned this in our top Christmas gifts for her as well. But access to 12 whole nights of Igloofest is perfect for both him and her. Give your man the delight of partying at Montreal's biggest winter event for 4 weeks in a row, and he won't be disappointed. Visit the Iglooboutique, located at 4523 Rue de la St- Denis, or check out their website to learn more.

Sushi Workshop

Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime. This Christmas, give a man the means to learn the art of sushi at Miyamoto, located at 382 Avenue Victoria. Not only will this course feed him for a lifetime, but he'll probably feed you as well. Visit Miyamoto's website to learn more about their classes and winter schedules.

Papirmass Subscription

If he loves art, he'll love a subscription to Papirmass' "Art in The Mail". For a small yearly fee, he'll receive monthly prints by 12 artists and 12 writers right to his mailbox. Get your man cultured this Christmas and give him the gift of artful education with a Papirmass subscription. Visit Papirmass' website to learn more.

Aux Plaisirs de Bacchus Gift Card

If he loves to drink, he'll love anything from Aux Plaisirs de Bacchus. Located at 1225 Bernard, this trendy shop has tons of creative drinking accessories like flasks, cocktail shakers, games and much more. Visit Aux Plaisirs de Bacchus, or check out their website.

Off The Hook's Navajo Paneled Shirt

Made of 100% cotton and suede wrapped buttons, Off The Hook's Navajo paneled shirt by Bodega will have him smell like style for an entire mile. The shirt also comes in flannel and is available at Off The Hook, located on 1021 Ste- Catherine Ouest. Visit their online store to shop for more styles.

What will you be getting him this Christmas? Let us know with your comments!

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