Top 9 Montreal Cafes That Serve Coffee And Alcohol

In case the caffeine isn't strong enough.
Top 9 Montreal Cafes That Serve Coffee And Alcohol

People don't agree on much these days, but here's one thing I think we can all find common ground on: coffee and alcohol. Simple as that. The two most necessary substances in the world: you either drink one or both consistently, and if you don't, well, I'd go so far as to say you're missing out on a key part of the human experience.

That's why a cafe that also serves up booze is ideal - it marries everyone's two favourite beverages in one place, and gives us an excuse to drink them both in the same setting. In a city teeming with cafes, a regular old coffee shop is a dime a dozen, so the ones that serve alcohol are true diamonds in the rough.

So go ahead and order your regular espresso, and when that just won't suffice, it's tequila time. Enjoy.

1. Cafe Mezcal

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156 Rue Prince Arthur E

I walk past this cafe often, and the customers always look like they're having a great time, which is the first indicator that this place is worth checking out. With unique Latin American-inspired decor and a cozy atmosphere, Cafe Mezcal is a great go-to option if you're in the neighbourhood. Alongside great coffee and an extensive selection of booze, they also serve some tasty dishes, including brunch.


2. El Mundo

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A friendly spot that's always full of students - they are the most skilled at hunting for alcohol and coffee - El Mundo provides all the necessities for an afternoon or evening with friends. With the large booths, yummy dishes, and local brews, you won't be disappointed if you choose this place for your cafe/bar experience.


3. Arts Cafe

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201 Avenue Fairmount O

This cafe is so gorgeous, and the relaxed, rustic ambiance is on point. And of course, they have a full bar alongside their classic cafe drinks, so you're set. Arts Cafe is also a popular brunch spot, and their summer terrasse leaves even more room to enjoy all of their delights.


4. Cafe Milano

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5188 Rue Jarry Est

Open 24 hours for your caffeine, booze, or panini fix, Cafe Milano is a longtime veteran that has been at the top of the Italian cafe game for generations. Their food is super tasty and filling, and it's an all around great spot to hang out both before and after a night on the town. Time to do it the Italian way and chase your espresso shot with some grappa.


5. Le Cagibi

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5490 Boul St-Laurent

Getting turnt in an environment as classy at this? Yes please. Le Cagibi is an awesome coffee shop, and it frequently serves as an eclectic music venue in the evenings. So, if you need to get some work done, head here for the peaceful ambiance and great coffee - but stay for the night's festivities and enjoy a glass of wine or three.


6. Ciociaro Bar

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It looks like we can always count on the Italians to create places where good coffee, good liquor, and good times are always present - and thank god for that. Similar to Cafe Milano, Ciociaro serves delicious pick-me-up Italian food in a friendly environment, making it a great hangout spot. Although its more of a bar than a cafe, the vibe is laid back and their coffee drinks are not to be ignored.


7. Cafe Parvis

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433 Rue Mayor

This cafe is a Montreal favourite, and for good reason; its beautiful decor and classy ambiance continually draws crowds. A popular breakfast and lunch spot, Cafe Parvis operates like a modern coffee shop, and they totally cater to our caffeine/alcohol needs. When you're looking somewhere to wile away a Saturday afternoon, Cafe Parvis is a great choice.


8. Kafein Cafe Bar

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1429 Rue Bishop

Espresso strawberry honey smoothie? Yes please, everyday. Best of all, you can follow that with one of Kafein's awesome handcrafted cocktails. With an artsy, eccentric ambiance, Kafein is a unique spot that you'll likely want to become a regular at. Rally your friends, and pick a night where something cool is going on, like live music or a poetry reading, and head to this place for a cool experience.


9. Cafe Club Social

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180 Rue Saint Viateur O

A true veteran of the cafe/bar scene, this Mile-End institution is a guaranteed good time. You'll often find it totally packed during a big sports game - it was nuts during the world cup - but on most afternoons, you can still enjoy your coffee or cold beer quietly here. Serving traditional Italian coffee and other delights, you and your closest pals will love everything that Club Social has to offer.


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