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Top 9 Starbucks Canada Drinks With The Most Caffeine

When you need a jolt.
Top 9 Starbucks Canada Drinks With The Most Caffeine

Caffeine is the cornerstone of most people's adult's lives. Some can't even function properly without it.

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It's often disguised in the form of happy and colorful drinks filled with caramel drizzles and chocolate chips, but in reality - it's a legal drug, and we're not about to stop taking it any time soon.

Starbucks is now THE global purveyor of caffeine, with 28, 039 stores open across 76 countries, that's a lot of cups being sold every single day.

That said if you're crunching on a deadline, or you just had a little too much fun this weekend and you're eyes need a little help to open up, here are the ultra-caffeinated drinks that you should be reaching for at your local Starbucks counter.

*Note that caffeine content is calculated for a standard grande size

9. Flat White // 195 mg

Why you should drink it: As the picture explains the explains the flat white is a classic espresso drink made from shorter espresso shots for a more bold taste.  At 195 mg of caffeine, it's a good choice if you need a strong boost.

8. Cafe Mocha // 175 mg

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Why you should drink it: A Starbucks cafe mocha is simply a base of espresso, steamed milk, mocha syrup, and optionally topped off with whip cream. At approximately 175 mg of caffeine, this is a particularly good choice if you need the extra sugar boost and the taste of espresso alone terrifies you.

7. Blonde Caffe Latte // 170 mg

Why you should drink it: Starbucks introduced Blonde Roast beans a couple years ago, and now they offer those beans not only in drip coffee format but espresso as well. Lighter roasts beans have a higher caffeine content, which means that any specialty beverage order with Blonde Roast will always pack an extra punch.

6. Caffe Americano // 225 mg

Why you should drink it: An Americano coffee is classic espresso shots but watered down with hot water. You can take the drink iced or hot. A grande size packs 3 shots of espresso at Starbucks, so it will definitely give you that caffeine kick you're looking for. This is also a great drink for those who love the taste of coffee alone and who are calorie conscious.

5. Espresso Macchiato // 150 mg

Why you should drink it: Some coffee connoisseurs claim that Starbucks doesn't do the macchiato quite right. Traditionally speaking a macchiato - meaning "mark" in Italian - is just a single shot of espresso with a tiny bit of milk foam on top. Starbucks version packs a solid caffeine punch at 150 mg and can be taken as a double or triple if you're feeling extra bold.

4. Classic chai tea latte // 95 mg

Why you should drink it: The Chai Tea Latte packs one of the highest in caffeine out of all the tea options Starbucks has to offer. Early grey and Green tea come close, but a Chai Latte is so sweet and delicious and can be made iced or hot, it's the tastiest of all. And at 95 mg, it makes for a great caffeine boost, too.

3. Featured dark roast // 260 mg

Why you should drink it: Dark roast drip is where it's at if you really want a healthy caffeine hit in your sip. Starbucks has a wide selection of various dark roasts coming from all over the world. You can even buy your own beans to have your very own Starbucks experience at home.

2. Pike Place brewed coffee // 310 mg

Why you should drink it: A grande cup of Pike Place roast packs a whopping 310 mg of caffeine. There are several factors that influence caffeine content in a coffee beverage, one of them is infusion time. Brewed or "drip" coffee is infused for much longer than traditional espresso, so if you need a real boost, skip the fancy latte and go for the drip instead.

1. Blond Roast Brewed // 475 mg

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Why you should drink it: As mentioned before, Blonde Roast at baseline packs more caffeine than a dark roast. In addition, we know that brewed coffee also has more caffeine because it's infused longer than espresso. So ultimately, Blonde Roast brewed coffee is one of the highest in terms of caffeine content at Starbucks. Save this one for exam crushing, and all night term paper writing.


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