Montreal's Top Weekly Events You Will Keep Going Back To

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Montreal is always bumping with wicked events to keep things spicy. From Igloofest to after-hours, life in this city seems to operate on the motto "work hard, play harder." For those nights where you've got the itch to get down but your favorite headliner isn't in town, there's always a wild weekly event to hit up with your crew.

What's a weekly you might be asking? Answer: venues and performers that hold down one night a week every week like nobody's business. We've rounded up our top spots to kick it on the regular if you want a guaranteed good crowd, good time and good vibes any night of the week.

These bars keep it real, especially when you know what day it's popping off. So, for a week of parties that just won't quit, this is our week of weeklies challenge to you 514.

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$ucka Free @ Korova Bar

Korova has been hosting this weekly for years now, each Monday they feature a different artist as a theme for the night: R. Kelly, Jay Z, The Spice Girls, Wu Tang Clan, Justin Timberlake... you name it. It's all about the Pabst Tallboy bottles at 2 for $10, or if you're not a beer person (do those exist?) shots are at 4 for $12. Basically, it's a cheap drunk to prime you for packing way too many friends into the photobooth at the bar before you hit the dance floor.


Kalmunity @ Les Bobards 

A summary of this night in one word: real. A packed house at Les Bobards is a guaranteed on Tuesdays. They've got pool, drinks and a live improvised set that can't be beat. Bi-lingual rap, soul singers, a live band and slam poets all work together, feed off the crowd's energy and never disappoint. Kalmunity's live organic improv is sure to have you shaking the imperialism from your hips before you can say "another round!"

WEDNESDAY - Take your pick! (or hit up both)  

ASAP Wednesdays @ Salon Officiel

Every week ASAP Wednesdays hits hard thanks to the ever-fresh slammers GrandBuda throws at the crowd at Salon Officiel. It's a packed house every time.

Bass Drive @ Le Belmont

Voted Montreal's best club night for the last 4 years in a row, this one is a guaranteed rager in the best way possible. The legendary Vilify used to hold it down every week before her recent move to the Berlin scene. Never fear, Le Belmont has been pulling in some kick-ass headliners to keep the Bass Drive legacy going strong such as Truth and TrollPhace in recent weeks. Get ready to bounce for this one.


MELT @ Blizzarts

MELT MTL is a crew you should tune into if you haven't already. You might know them by their individual names: Nick Wisdom, Pomo, Charles Cozy, Noo-Bap, Amaris Daniel & Walla P. Their weekly at Blizzarts has been killing it for 40 weeks straight as of this Thursday. These guys pull together a fusion of everything from future funk to r&b. Guaranteed to have you jammin' with a smile on your face.


Get Nice @ Blizzarts

We're bringing you back to Blizzarts again on Fridays for a steamy night of hip-hop, rap and flyness brought to you by Simahlak. You may recognize the signature neon sign that lights up this night from your friends' instagram photos, and you'll know it a whole lot better once you get hooked on this weekly.



Saturday is prime party day and if you want a fresh spot to check out we're recommending StereoBar. Stereo Afterhours' downstairs, before-hours, counterpart has been booking some sleek acts. Their deal is that they create a clubbing atmosphere different that what you'll find most other places: no bottle service, no reservations, no cameras, no glowsticks just quality music to get the night going. If you're looking to keep the party going late (since it is a Saturday), and you don't sleep when there's fun going on (not now that you know where all the best weeklies are), then Stereo will be waiting for you upstairs at 3am to keep you dancing until dawn.


Jazz & Dilla @ Honey Martin

Take it easy, grab a drink, and get cozy at Honey Martin with your boo (or would-be boo) to the sleek tunes of Jazz & Dilla, brought to you by Frase & Atamone. After a long week of weeklies this is the perfect way to unwind. What's better that jazz and hip-hop? Nothing, that's what.

There's always a reason to celebrate when you live in a city this sick. Just make sure you bring a coat to check so that all that illness doesn't hold you back from next week's dose of wild weekly action. Party on, Montreal.

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