Top Rage Tweets About Last Nights Rogers Cell Phone Outage

Twitter's best #rogers, #rogeroutage, and @rogers comments.
Top Rage Tweets About Last Nights Rogers Cell Phone Outage

Across Canada, millions of cell phone users found they zero access, specifically those under Rogers service. For no reason (they comapany has yet to issue a statement explaining) Rogers lost all wireless service. No calls, no texts, but still plenty of tweets. The Twitter-sphere is still abuzz with hateful tweets and rage filled comments, all tacked on with #rogersoutage. Here are some of MTL Blog's favourites from the 12 hour Rogers outage.

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Lets Hope Not

Pion Dhaneuf ‏(@MLHS_Chris) By tomorrow, @Rogers will be using tin cans and string to promote their latest advancements in modern Canadian communication., Coming soon from @Rogers wireless: Landline phone plans.

Honestly, at least it will be more reliable. And free!

Crazy Times, Crazy Thoughts

B.Jones-Vaillancourt ‏(@BrynDartCentre): Things I've never thought I'd say "thanking bell for stable network, that gives us wifi #rogersfail #rogersoutage

You never really appreciate something until everyone else loses it and envies you for still having. Needless to say, I'm sure Bell and Telus are going to get more than a few customers after this fiasco.

The Situation

Adam McLaren (‏@McLarently): Rogers issue preventing users from texting or calling in Canada, ironically users can complain via the #rogersoutage hashtag just fine.

Pretty much.

The Solution

Cause We're Canadian (@MadelnCanada): Has anyone asked #Rogers if they unplugged it, waited 30 sec, and then plugged it back in?

Someone watches South Park. If only it were that easy. Wait, maybe it is....


grahamclark ‏(@grahamclark): Hey @RogersHelps these sexts aren't gunna send themselves! #rogersoutage

One million trashy hookups were lost in yesterdays blackout. A moment of silence please.

More Truth

@qnextcorpRT @ziyanhossain: On the bright side the #Rogers #Fido motto of "fewest dropped calls" has never been more accurate. #cantdropcallsifyoucantmakethem

At least now they won't be lieing to our faces.

The Other Rogers

@rogers: The wrath of a thousand Canadians is a mighty sight. #rogersoutage

Using the Twitter handle @rogers, this brooklyn-ite got a bulk of the twitter rage yesterday. Here's to him being a good sport.

Have a particular angry tweet you found hilarious? Got some rage you need to vent about the rogers outage? Let us know in the comments below.

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