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Top Stories In And Around Montreal

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Reports Suggest Carey Price Won't Be Picked In The Seattle Kraken Expansion Draft

And the whole city breathed a collective sigh of relief.

According to several reports, Carey Price won't be picked in the Seattle Kraken expansion draft and will remain a Montreal Canadiens player.

The Habs goalie's future with the team was put into question last week after he waived his no-movement clause and wasn't placed on the Canadiens' protected list ahead of the expansion draft this Wednesday night.

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A Strange Black Cloud Was Seen Hovering Over Montreal & It's Super Mysterious (VIDEO)

Aliens? A rare weather event? A portal to another dimension?

On a rainy Thursday afternoon, a strange black donut-shaped cloud was spotted hovering over the Victoria Bridge near downtown Montreal, leaving many of us wondering, "What the heck was that?"

A video, sent in by one of our readers, shows the black cloud eerily stationed above the city, looking very ominous.

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Laval's Massive Illumi Light Festival Has New Halloween Worlds With 50 Dinos & A Candyland

There are 25 million lights!

Illumi is back in Laval in 2021 for its third edition. The massive festival promises to be bigger than ever this time around, with 25 million lights and 14 new worlds to explore.

Just like in 2020, there will also be a special Halloween event with "monsters, ghosts, witches" and "thousands of pumpkins" lining the way through the festival grounds as classic horror movie soundtracks play in the background, according to a press release.

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The Montreal Canadiens Played A Full-Capacity Game & It Looked Almost Normal (PHOTOS)

The crowd looked very similar to the ones at pre-COVID games.

The life of a sports fan is slowly getting back to its roots as certain arenas in Canada, including the Bell Centre and the Scotiabank Arena, allow for full capacity seating again.

On Wednesday, October 13, the Habs were finally able to play in front of a full crowd for their season opener against the Toronto Maple Leafs.

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A 'Squid Game' Candy Is Selling Like Hot Cakes At This Montreal Depanneur

The owner says he's shocked by dalgona's popularity.

Netflix's Squid Game is making waves around the world and Montreal is no exception. Just ask the owner of a Saint-Henri depanneur who says dalgona, a Korean candy featured on the show, is flying off the shelves.

Depanneur Chez Claude et Claudette owner Robert Kim, who was born and raised in South Korea, told MTL Blog he and his wife began making and selling the Korean treat on Saturday.

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Service Canada Has Open Jobs In Quebec & They Pay $61,000+ No University Degree Required

There are 45 jobs up for grabs!

The government is in the process of filling a Service Canada job bank and it's advertising salaries of between $61,152 and $65,887.

On an online recruitment page, the Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC) office says it needs to fill 45 benefits officer and program officer positions in Quebec and encourages qualified individuals to apply.

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