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For regular, everyday practice, there is plenty of drama and debate around the proper ways to tip your servers. When you're sitting at the table, pay terminal in hand, it can be daunting to quickly determine how much to tip, without being rude or overstretching your wallet.

But you definitely do have to leave a tip, so there must be some kind of advice to follow, especially as inflation leads people to cut costs where possible. Is tipping something you can skimp on, or must you splurge selflessly so your servers can survive?

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If you've been hoping to get your road trip on this fall season, then there are loads of quaint and charming small towns worth visiting this autumn where you can get up close and personal with Quebec's mesmerizing foliage.

Now, it is only a matter of time before a picturesque sea of red, orange, and gold colours takes over Quebec's landscapes. Nestled amidst this seasonal splendour are countless adorable towns, each giving off a storybook setting perfect for a fall visit.

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Picture this: stunning shades of red, orange, and gold blanket the Quebec landscape, making every road trip feel like a journey through a Hallmark movie. From charming villages painted in autumnal hues to hidden forest gems waiting to be explored, there are loads of stunning spots near Montreal where you can see exceptional views of the fall foliage.

So, we've curated a list of 17 irresistible destinations that'll have you falling head over heels for the autumn season in Quebec. So, grab your flannel, pumpkin-spiced latte and a camera; because the foliage-filled adventures don't last nearly as long enough as they should.

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If breakfast is the most important meal of the day, the perfect Montreal brunch must be a very close second. It's just like breakfast, but you're allowed — nay, encouraged — to drink as many mimosas as is physically safe for your body.

But brunch can get pricey fast, especially if you're in the mood for something truly memorable. Thankfully, Montreal has plenty of lower-cost, higher-quality brunch places for your crew of budget-savvy besties.

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Professors aren't exactly known for their wealth nor their earning potential. The teaching track is only truly profitable, some might say, if you're looking to step out of academics and into administration at some point in your future. It's hard to imagine who wouldn't opt into a high six-figure salary in these economic times, and we have the data to prove that Montreal's university head honchos (as it were — we're talking principals, rectors, chancellors and deans, among others) are earning more than enough to justify the upwards climb.

After all, university is expensive in this province, especially if you're not a born Quebecer. But to the average student, where all that tuition money goes might seem like a mystery known only to the bureaucracy inside each institution. Some of it goes to student life and activities, some to ensure the functioning of the school, and a sizeable chunk funnels straight into the coffers of the highest-level administrators, including (but certainly not limited to) principals, rectors and chancellors.

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A brisk road trip through the autumnal Quebec scenery is the perfect way to get yourself ready for the fall, whose coming is heralded by the appearance of plenty of Spirit Halloween pop-ups around Montreal. But they're not the only place you can get your spooky fix, not by a long shot.

Consider that, rather than visiting somewhere peaceful and joyous, you could do a road trip that ends in a creepy reminder of the past living on in crumbling ruins. Quebec has plenty of abandoned, ghostly settlements that are sure to send shivers down your spine.

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It's still park season for a little while, and that means fun, food and regulations! Yay! Montreal has many rules for conduct and behaviour in its public parks, lots of which could be considered "annoying" or "not in the spirit of fun," but all of which are designed to protect both the people who attend parks and the natural life that resides in them. Many of the most important rules and regulations vary by park, so it's good practice to double-check your specific park on Montreal's municipal website before you go.

In the meantime, though, here's a handy set of common questions about park rules in Montreal, which you can use as a quick guide if you don't want to spend 15 minutes scrolling through the Outremont borough bylaws on your phone.

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Amid their province's heinous cost-of-living era, Quebecers might be looking for some extra cash. Luckily for some of us, the Quebec Solidarity Tax Credit, supplied by Revenu Québec, can give you as much as $800, spread out in multiple payments across 2023 and 2024.

Revenu Québec considers the tax credit as a form of social assistance, using direct deposit or mailed checks to give back to Quebecers a portion of what is taken from us in income tax.

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There are few pleasures as great as sitting on a Montreal terrace in the sun with fancy cocktails in hand and several friends around you as the St Lawrence River sparkles below. Unfortunately, the season of relaxation and sun is coming to a close, meaning your chances to visit a gorgeous outdoor dining area are running out. We'll be trading the sunny weather for what looks to be an aggressively awful winter.

That means now is the prime time to try as many terrasses as possible before their doors close for the winter, and we have 24 excellent options to check off your 2023 bucket list today.

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As the fall weather slowly begins its creep across the province, now is your chance to travel a bit out of town and explore nature by going on one of these easy hikes near Montreal. The fall foliage is always best in a national park, and there are plenty of ways to experience some much-needed natural splendour without pushing yourself along a six-hour hike (unless you want to).

Mont Royal may be splendid, but she can't compare to the lofty peaks and old-growth forests that cover the northern parts of Quebec, complete with hiking trails, vantage points and swimming holes. If you don't have the energy to hike up Mont Tremblant and you're just looking for a brief jaunt through the woods, taking the easy trail is simple at these ten hiking spots across Quebec.

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It may not always look it with Montreal rents pushing ever closer to those of Toronto, but this city's still got a strong reputation for keeping things on the cheaper side.

In a city full of award-winning restaurants, those of us on a budget can still eat at a fancy place on the cheap. It’s totally possible to dine out like a person with a fat bank account without completely draining your actual bank account.

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Summer is in full force and there is still plenty of sunshine left for you to really make the warmer season worthwhile. With Canada being home to so many stunning crystal clear beaches, why not head out on the road trip you've always wanted to take and swim in some of the True North's most remarkable waters?

From beaches across Quebec and Ontario to jaw-dropping sites in Manitoba and Prince Edward Island, here are nine beaches that are totally worth adding to that dream road trip bucket list of yours.

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