Top Ten Montreal Mother's Day Gift Ideas

This city has everything you need to make mom's day extra special.
Top Ten Montreal Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Mother's Day is on Sunday (don't panic!) and we know that you want to spoil your favorite lady! But, we think it's enough already with the typical bouquet of flowers and half-hearted gift ideas. We live in a rich, artistic, and overall incredible city, so you know that there's a lot more options when it comes to getting Mom that perfect gift. We've rounded up some of these ideas for you; take a look and then get moving! Only 6 more days until Mother's Day!

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The mom who loves to cook or bake knows the importance of a proper stand mixer or the right kind of pan. She'll love that you've paid attention to what she likes and needs...not to mention the fact that this means you can continue being a taste tester for all of her new recipes!There is literally an endless amount of in Montreal and any of them would be a great idea for the bibliophile mom.

Spa Day at Bota Bota

358 rue de la Commune ouest

Obviously, Mom's number one desire is to be pampered. Who are we to deny her?

Bota Bota, Montreal's spa on the water, offers many different services that she'll really enjoy - massages, scrubs, facials, etc. We really like their packages because they offer an already put-together outing for Mom and we don't have to worry about a thing. For $100, the 'Bathe and Bite' (water circuit, 3 course meal and a glass of wine) sounds like an awesome deal.

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Stationery from Papeterie Nota Bene

3416 ave. du Parc

For the traditional mom who still loves sending handwritten thank you notes and personalized greeting cards to everyone she knows and loves. Or, alternatively, for the mom who's a writer.

Papeterie Nota Bene is Montreal's go-to spot for the coolest, most affordable stationery options. They have everything from rare fountain pens to Moleskine journals. Two floors of good-quality, affordable adult school supplies pretty much guarantee you'll find something ideal for mom.

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Garden Fun at Jean Talon Market

7070 Avenue Henri Julien

A lot of our moms have a green thumb and Mother's Day happens at the perfect time of year to help her get her garden started. This may seem like an odd gift choice, but those of you out there with moms who spend all summer working the soil in the backyard know that this is something she'll really appreciate.

Jean-Talon Market is the best place to go to for gardening. You can pick up some new tools for her, or maybe even seeds and soil to get her started this season. Don't worry if you don't have a green thumb--the vendors at the market are extremely helpful and knowledgeable. They'll make sure you leave with the perfect gift for your gardening mama.

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Jewelry from Montreal Boutiques

When all else fails, go for jewelry. Luckily, because we live in this incredibly fantastic, creative city, we have many unique options from local artists. Here are a few of our favorites.

  • Isola is a one of a kind shop, literally! Every piece of jewelry is handmade and completely 100% unique - no two pieces are ever the same. This is because Marie-Claude Marquis scours markets and bazaars for interesting items and recycles them into jewerly! See more at Isola's Facebook Page
  • Nea's collection is simple, elegant, and trendy. We're a little in love, to be honest, and we know our moms will be too! See the Facebook Page for more
  • Chez Laurette combines mom's love of jewelry with her love of the very best of food. Their collection includes everything you can imagine coming out of a mix like that; pancake rings, macaron necklaces, donut earrings and so, so much more. Facebook Page

There are so many incredible artisans in Montreal; walk around the city and you're sure to find quite a few fun and eclectic shops.

Bath & Body Products from Dot & Lil

Maybe sending your mom to the spa is a little out of your price range, but you'd still like her to be pampered a little bit. Instead, you can pick up some top-of-the-line, but still affordable, bath and body products for her!

Dot & Lil make everything by hand in their Mile End studio and they really focus on simple, honest products. The best part is, this is a gift you don't have to wrap - their packaging is so cute, mom will love it as is!

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Flowers from Luluthia Floral Design

Ok, so flowers may not be the most original idea in this world but have you learned nothing yet, Montreal? The #1 rule: always have faith in us (and in this city). You know we'll always find something that will help you stand out in a crowd.

Luluthia Floral Design offers more than just a bouquet of flowers - they create art. Their goal is to create an arrangement that represents mom's personality. Trust us, she'll be inspired and in awe of the amazing bouquet you will bring home.

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Kitchenware from Quincaillerie Dante & Les Touilleurs

  • Quincaillerie Dante is an odd little Montreal favorite. It's a tiny shop, in Little Italy, which specializes in kitchenware and - get this - hunting gear. Get your mom some new accessories or maybe even a gift certificate for classes at Mezza Luna, the affiliated cooking school! Facebook Page
  • Les Touilleurs is a beautiful, creative space where food and art come together. They focus on bringing Montreal the best of the best in kitchenware. As well, three nights a week, renowned chefs offer cooking lessons. If it's within your budget, this is definitely a go-to spot for your Mother's Day gift. Facebook Page

Tea from Camellia Sinensis

Let's be honest here, don't all moms just love tea? In the last few years, tea rooms and shops have taken over Montreal and we're loving it.

Camellia Sinensis is arguably one of the best tea shops in the city. Their staff travels around the world searching for the best tasting, most unique teas. You can shop online or drop into one of their locations in order to get real time advice from their very knowledgeable staff. They also have a tea school that you can sign Mom up for - -she can attend workshops, traditional ceremonies, or take courses on professional tea service!

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Literature from Drawn & Quarterly

amazing book stores

Drawn and Quarterly is definitely one of the most unique book stores (and publishing houses!) that Montreal has, if not the most, and that's because they're unconventional and edgy. They specialize in comics and graphic novels, so #nerdymom will be super thrilled, but they do have other genres as well. Definitely a Montreal favorite, it's worth checking out - we're pretty sure you'll find something special and one of a kind for your momma!

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The Montreal Gift Basket

If your mom just LOVES Montreal and you want to have a little bit more fun with her gift, you can create a basket with tons of unique Montreal products. Spend an afternoon walking around various areas of the city, hitting up local boutiques and creating something one of a kind for mom. We know what we'd include in our super-Montreal basket!

Yo' Dough Cookies

Farine Five Roses iPhone Case

Laura Roberts' Guide to the City

Loogart I Love Monhood Print

This gift idea is sure to impress any Montreal mom!

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