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Tornado Warning Issued For Montreal

What the hell is wrong with the weather?!
Tornado Warning Issued For Montreal

This freakish, prolonged summer weather has been really pleasant so far, but it's about to end with a bang. 

Sadly there is a price to pay for all the heat we've been enjoying, and it's all going to happen tonight. 

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According to The Weather Network'slatest forecast, Quebec is the highest-risk region for severe weather. 

There is cold front moving towards the province, and when it collides with with the heat, shit is going to hit the fan. 

Starting this evening, we may see:

"Storms capable of producing heavy rain, small hail, strong wind gusts and possibly a tornado." - TWN 

But it's not just a microburst like we've seen earlier in the summer. 

"Threat increasing for significant tornado (EF-2 or higher) to develop, particularly east of Montreal, along the St. Lawrence River Valley to the mouth of the St. Lawrence" - TWN

An EF-2 is no joke. They can produce winds up to 253 km/h which can tear the rooftops off homes, flip mobile homes, uproot trees, and even flip train cars.  

Update: The Warning was lifted after 5:00 PM (09/27)

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