Toronto Should Be Montreal's Role Model, So Says BMO

How T.O. is doing things right (mayors aside, of course).
Toronto Should Be Montreal's Role Model, So Says BMO

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If Montreal wants to economically grow and expand, it must gain more autonomy and independent decision-making powers, like that of Toronto.We didn't say Montreal needs to be more like Toronto, this advice comes straight from BMO Financial Group and Boston Consulting Group.

As reported in The Gazette, the two financial groups gave a report stating how Montreal needs to be fully recognized as the central money-making urban center of Quebec, and be given legislative powers fitting of the role.

Toronto, our often ripped-on neighbor, has been given more and more governing freedoms as the years have passed, and the benefits are evident. In 2006, the "Stronger City of Toronto for a Stronger Ontario Act" passed, giving Toronto more autonomy apart from the provincial government and allowed the city to create its own city-specific taxes and user fees. Toronto's economy, and the city itself, has only grown (albeit with some minor pauses) since then.

McGill University's urban planning professor Richard Shearmur pointed out to the Gazette that cities need more power to "raise money and make decisions." He also commented how Montreal's growth and prosperity  must be seen as a boon to the entire province, and the city's governing power shouldn't be restricted in the slightest in order to benefit all of Quebec.

Seems like this is even more evidence pointing towards how Montreal should become an independent city-state. Or, on the less extreme end, at least be given the right to govern the city more independently.

Should Montreal be given the same legislative powers as Toronto?

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