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Toronto Vs. Montreal: Where Should You Be Living?

The differences are astounding!
Toronto Vs. Montreal: Where Should You Be Living?

Montreal and Toronto are two of Canada's biggest cities and there's a little bit of rivalry between them it seems. I've had the pleasure of living in both of these amazing cities in my life. I grew up in Toronto and I moved here for school 4 years ago and I've lived here since then! 

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I love both of these cities equally because even though there's tons of differences between them, both are amazing cities. I moved here from Toronto because I wanted to get out of the city I grew up in and discover a brand new city and I definitely don't regret it.

I've clearly grown to love this city as my own, I mean I write for a blog dedicated to everything to do with Montreal! But every now and again I miss Toronto and it's massive city core. Both cities are unique and it's hard to compare them to each other, but if you break it down you can definitely discover some things that are different and that they have in common.

So if you're considering which a move from one city to the other, or if you're wondering if you're living in the right city for you, this list should help out a little bit! 

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Public Transportation 🚊

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The metro in Montreal is pretty consistent but can be very slow on the weekends. You can wait up to 15 minutes for a metro which is kind of crazy when you think about. It's WAY cheaper here than in Toronto though so that's definitely a plus.

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Oh, wow what can I say about the TTC? It kinda sucks honestly. It's insanely expensive, somehow breaks down all the time diverting tons of people from their morning commutes. Almost every time I use the TTC there's some kind of line closure or bus/streetcar detour that messes my schedule up. It's also double the price for a monthly pass in Toronto than it is in Montreal.

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Cost Of Rent 💸

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According to Numbeo, the cost of rent for a 1 bedroom apartment in the downtown city centre is about $995/month and $655/month outside of the city centre.

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A 1 bedroom apartment in the downtown city centre in Toronto costs on average $1,660 and outside the city centre it costs $1,290. That's so much compared to Montreal it's crazy!!

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Universities 🎓

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Montreal is full of Universities, we have Concordia, McGill, U de M, Uqam and not to mention all the Cegeps and colleges we have here! McGill University is consistently ranked high on the list of top universities in the world and Concordia's business school always ranks high as well!


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Toronto is also home to tons of universities and colleges like U of T, Ryerson University, York University, Humber College, Centennial College, George Brown College and so many more! U of T consistently ranks in the top universities in the world close to universities like Princeton, UCLA, NYU and Northwestern University!

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Weather ❄

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Ah yes, winter in Montreal. It starts of lovely but then all the sudden it's hailing, storming, and gusts of -30 degree winds are trying to take us down every time we leave our apartments. But our summer's are usually beautiful so it really is a trade-off! The actual average temperature without my exaggerations was -15 degrees.

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Toronto on the other hand gets wayyy warmer weather in the winters compared to Montreal. The average temperature during the winters in Toronto is -9.8 degrees. However, last year was exceptionally cold and they got days that were -30 degrees which is an all-time low for them.

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Night Life 🥂

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Montreal is known to be a crazy city during the nighttime. The clubs in Montreal are open until 3 am and people party until the lights turn on every single night. There's tons of awesome clubs, bars and raves going on everywhere in this city.


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Toronto also has tons of awesome clubs, bars and music venues but it's a much different vibe than Montreal has. Montreal clubs you can basically wear Adidas and a pair of jeans anywhere you go, but Toronto you definitely have to dress up a little if you're going somewhere nice.

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Restaurants 🍕

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Montreal is famous for a lot of amazing foods like poutine, smoked meat, bagels and much more! Montreal has taken these foods, made them amazing and there's no way to deny this. Classic restaurants like Schwartz's Deli, Fairmont Bagels and La Banquise are what this city is great for.

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Montreal may have it's few staple foods that it does better than anyone else, but Toronto does something special as well. There's no famous foods that Toronto is known for, but that's the beauty of it.

The restaurants in this city take all kinds of foods and make them bigger, better and more exciting and unique than ever! You can find the craziest things here like tiny pizzas on top of other pizzas, charcoal swirl ice cream, cinnamon bun ice cream sandwiches and more!

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Traffic 🚗

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The traffic in Montreal gets pretty bad in the summer when literally all the roads are closed for construction and repairs. It gets a little insane having to take a detour from detour..

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The traffic in Toronto during rush hour times is literally insanity. With all the people commuting into the city from outer areas like Whitby, Mississauga, Peterborough and others it can take hours to get in or out of the city!

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Language 📣

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In Montreal, language is a tricky subject. Quebec is technically a French speaking province but Montreal is such a large, multicultural city that one language is rarely spoken. You can easily get away with only speaking English here if you want to because most people speak more than just French.

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Toronto is also a very multicultural city so tons of different languages are spoken here regularly. But English is the main language spoken and no one really has any complaints about it. You don't hear many people fighting over languages in Toronto ever.

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Drinking Age

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We all know that the drinking age in Montreal is 18, which is a pretty amazing thing. You can drink in your first year of university and learn how to handle your alcohol a little bit earlier.

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Unfortunately, the drinking age in Toronto is only 19. It's only a year later than Montreal but it really does make a difference! You're stuck not being able to go out to bars and clubs in your first year of university, which kinda sucks.

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Architecture 🏛

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Montreal is home to some amazing architectural buildings which consistently draw people to the city. Take Habitat 67, the Biodome, St. Joseph's Oratory, the Olympic Stadium, and the Mont-Royal Lookout for example!

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The best piece of architecture Toronto has is clearly the CN Tower. But there's tons of other amazing buildings like the AGO, City Hall, The ROM, Pure Spirits Loft building and more!

​​​​​​Article inspired by: Calgary Vs Edmonton: Where Should You Be Living?

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