Toronto's Subway Shut Down After Man Jumped Onto Tracks

Passengers on the TTC were forced to wait around for service to resume during the peak rush hour commute this morning after a man jumped on to the tracks... and then proceeded to run through the subway tunnels. 

Around 8 AM this morning passengers were left waiting around for over 15 minutes while police were forced to run around the underground labyrinth looking for the trespasser. 

This first tweet was sent out by the TTC at 7:24 AM, notifying passengers that they were dealing with the "trespasser," that had hopped onto the tracks and made a run for it.

The Toronto Police then shared the tweet above, indicating that they were still tracking down the man and therefore had to cut power on the tracks, likely for the trespasser's safety and the safety of the officers attempting to track him down. 

The Toronto Police then shared the tweet above, around 8 AM, indicated that the trains were re-opened, but the man who had been running through the tunnels had not been found.

I hope he found whatever he was looking for down there...

If you're wondering why MTL Blog is writing about TTC issues, let me give you two reasons: 

1. We know a bunch of y'all reading our page are from Toronto or are from Montreal and now live in Toronto, so let us just give the people what they want

2. Sometimes it's nice to know it's not just the STM that feels like a shitshow :)